he Islander News is a paid circulation, privately held weekly newspaper that has published on Key Biscayne since 1966.

We are the only paid-circulation publication on Key Biscayne and the only weekly publication. There is no daily newspaper on Key Biscayne.
Our local, in-depth coverage of Key Biscayne keeps readers informed and up-to-date on issues and events that matter to them. Major newspapers lack the space to address all but a few of these issues.

Our readers look to us for products and services. Local businesses choose The Islander News because of the good response they receive.

Our readers have one of the highest per capita incomes in Miami-Dade County with tremendous purchasing power. Key Biscayne is considered one of the nation’s most desirable places to live, visit and do business.

The Islander News is the only publication that reaches these residents as well as the thousands of visitors who come to Key Biscayne.

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