Nora Camejo

What is her perfect day

The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and you do not have any reason to leave the island. What do you do with your perfect da toon the Key?

Nora Camejo, a 30+ year resident of the Key and graphic designer extraordinaire as President of Design One tells about her perfect day on the Key.

Start the Day

The first thing I do when I wake up is count my blessings to be living in this Island Paradise we have called home for 33 years. Every morning I think about and pray for family members who still live in Venezuela waiting for the end of a horrible nightmare.

Passing Time

After a light breakfast and exercise, I turn on my computer to download emails from my loyal clients. From real estate associates and attorneys, to physicians, contractors, academics, and financial advisors, I enjoy the new challenge that each project brings. A new website, ad for The Islander News, or maybe a logo; each day is different. One of the most satisfying activities is publishing the annual Key Biscayne Lions Club Personal and Business Directory, soon to be online, which not only helps businesses promote their services but also raises important funds for the Club’s key charitable and community services. The 57th annual directory will be out in March.

I love going around the community talking to old friends and meeting the owners of new businesses. I also enjoy being involved in the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce and participating in different committees. When I am not at my computer I enjoy bicycling, walking on the beach, sailing with my husband and children, or simply reading a good book or watching a entertaining movie.

End of the day

I end my day after meeting some deadline and again think how blessed I am having great friends and great business associates. Working from my home office, I always look forward to hearing my husband arrive from work, not having to go a meeting of some kind, and instead enjoying quietly together one of my culinary creations we both love. Afterwards, we may take in the news or watch an interesting YouTube or Netflix video, or just talk to kids and family.

What’s your perfect day? Or do you know friends that have a special way to spend a day in the Key? Email your suggestions to