Master Gardener Ceci at home.

Master Gardener Ceci at home.  Photo by Raquel Garcia/ISLANDER NEWS

Neighbors and passersby often ask me, especially in the evening time, “What is the nice scent coming from your garden?”

Although there are many, my favorite is the Ylang Ylang Tree. The oil of the green/yellowish flowers is found in the essence of Channel No. 5.

I have about ten Ylang Ylang plants looking for a good home in our Village so we can continue to perfume our island. It blooms on and off all year long. The propagated babies will become big trees that should be given plenty of room to grow.

Butterfly/Mariposa Ginger flower

Butterfly/Mariposa Ginger flower.  Photo Courtesy Ceci Sanchez

Additional trees like the Michelia Champaca (Joy perfume), fragrant antique rose: Louis-Phillipe (grows easily from cuttings), Butterfly Ginger (national flower of Cuba), Frangipani, Lady of the Night (Brunfelsia), Four O’clock, Portlandia, Night Blooming Jasmine, Gardenias, and vines like Stephanotis, and others, can add a wonderful dimension to your garden.

Not all scents however are found in flowers. Some scents like that from the cinnamon plant originates in the bark.

One of Ceci’s scented Frangipani Trees

One of Ceci’s scented Frangipani Trees. Photo by Raquel Garcia/ISLANDER NEWS

Leaves from the attractive Mottled Trunk Bay Rum, and All Spice Trees, when boiled, will perfume your entire house.

Try scented Geraniums and Rosemary in a pot near a walkway where you can easily touch.

The strength of the plant’s aroma is also influenced by the time of day and the plant’s age, as well as the surrounding temperature. Often, the higher the humidity, the more intense the fragrance.

If interested in a gifted baby tree or cutting from Ceci’s garden, or for additional information, contact her at 305.298.0497 or email