Key Biscayne Police Blotter March 1 to March 11

The following list is cases forwarded electronically to Islander News by the Key Biscayne Police Department supervisor after their stated review of all reports. There is no way to confirm this is a presentation of all cases in their entirety from dates covered but it is a report of every case IN received from the department for the dates of March 1 to March 11.

March 1—landlord/tenant dispute on Fernwood. Both parties advised to keep the peace, avoid unnecessary contact and follow end of lease legal protocol. 2nd incident-Crash Report.

March 2---Found property. Cellphone found and owner located and property returned. 2nd incident-near vehicular collision with pedestrian on Crandon Blvd. No injuries and driver identified.

March 3-- Found debit card brought to station, anonymous presenter, owner identified, card impounded. 2nd incident-damage to entry gate on Ocean Drive condo property due to driver resisting identification prior to access granted. Property owner contacted and damage addressed.

March 4—Found keys, inventoried and placed in locker for safekeeping. 2nd incident-commercial contractor disagreement with homeowner, unresolved and State Attorney’s office next anticipated step toward resolution.

March 5—Damaged electrical cable box with visible evidence of tampering observed by officer on duty at Harbor Drive and Calusa Park Trail.

March 6—Lost FedEx package reported. 2nd incident- Alarm sounds at K-8 Center at 10:04pm. Determined to come from Principal’s office source, damaged “Weather Bug” system. Alarm panel effectively reset.

March 7—Bicycle theft reported of underage suspect. Stated victim declines to file charges but requests parental notification for suspected culprit.

March 8—Additional video evidence collected and presented regarding aforementioned incident. Charges to possibly file again decline in favor of parental notification to suspect’s family. 2nd incident-At 881 Ocean Drive multiple vehicular damage reported from apparent egg-throwing seemingly originating from a balcony above. Building security video being reviewed and victim states this is a repeat incident. 3rd incident-Juvenile (learner’s permit only) Golf Cart driver pulled over along 600 to 200 block of Crandon Blvd, two civil citations issued and licensed passenger drove the golf cart away. 4th incident-Juvenile Golf Cart driver pulled over and cited for inoperative headlight. 5th incident-Juvenile Golf Cart driver stopped for expired decal, not cited on that but cited for driving without a valid driver’s license. Licensed passenger drove golf cart away. 6th incident-Credit Card found by the Winn Dixie at 11pm and about one half hour later returned to owner.

March 9—Resident of 575 Crandon Blvd went to police station to report jewelry and credit card theft of property from his elderly mother who suffers from dementia and was being cared for by subject. Complainant filed report in case subject may still be attempting to work on Key Biscayne. Victim’s fraudulent credit card charges totaling approximately $2500 have been reversed by the bank, stolen jewelry not recovered. Complainant presented name and cellular phone to KBPD. 2nd incident- reported vehicular property theft at East Enid Drive of wallet. No forced entry noted or finger prints observed but interior appeared “semi-ransacked.” Case numbr provided to victim, area canvassed for possible surveillance cameras and none located. 3rd incident- Lost phone reported in Lyft vehicle after no response to contact with driver attempts. Victim requested police report and said she would advice police once phone is returned. 4th incident- Galen Drive complaint of juvenile witnessed placing a screw behind a parked vehicle with the intent of flattening the tire. Contact made with mother and child did not deny the action, claimed to be “only playing.” 5th Incident-found knife on roadway by golf cart driver and turned in to officer. Inventoried. 6th Incident-expired golf cart, citation issued. 6th incident-Stolen bicycle reported at 161 Crandon Blvd, video footage from security manager request to be reviewed.

March 11- Disabled decal on vehicle reported, property value determined to be zero dollars. 2nd incident- Complainant from 1111 Crandon Blvd reports unknown white male attempting to throw flyers under her door. Upon her requesting him to cease he yelled out an anti-Semitic remark and refused to identify himself. No physical altercation occurred.