The KB American Legion Auxiliary ladies coordinated the counting, pick up, and delivery of 1,648 Valentine’s Day cards with special messages of TLC to the Miami Veterans Health Care System hospitals two days before Valentine’s Day.

The Valentines were delivered to veterans who live at the Miami VA year round and may have permanent disabilities such as being wheelchair bound or there for treatment of spinal cord related injuries.

Some veterans are residing at the Miami VA for several months as they pursue therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related conditions.

The Miami VA hospital also has veteran patients on site awaiting critical and necessary or recuperating there after procedures.

Many of these veterans have no family present with them and some do not have any family left at all.

The Valentine’s Day cards made by the kids sent wonderful messages of love and hope for these men and women veterans who have put in time and service, sacrificing life and limb, for our country.

The Valentine’s were not only delivered to those patients mentioned on Valentine's Day but also to veterans coming to the Miami VA for vision or hearing clinic assistance, or awaiting an appointment with a medical doctor, or to receive physical therapy. They were also delivered to out-patient clinics as well.

The KB American Legion Auxiliary wishes to thank the following schools and their students, classroom teachers, and art teachers, for working together on the heart-warming Valentine’s Day messages of hope, love, support, and appreciation.

We may never know how profoundly those simple messages of care and appreciation may have touched the lives of the 1,648 veterans to help further their healing journey.

The Miami VA is also grateful for this blessed Key Biscayne tradition. This profound act of kindness from so many schools, teachers, and big-hearted students typically saves them over $4,000 in expenses that would have gone to purchasing store-bought Valentine’s…not nearly as memorable as those hand-made expressions from key kids.

Thanks for helping to heal the hearts and souls of our beloved veterans with your priceless gift.

Thank you: KB Community Church School, KB K-8 Center, St. Agnes Academy, KB Presbyterian Church School, St. Christopher's By the Sea School, and Mast Academy.