You probably heard it by now: Key Biscayners are looking at an 7 page ballot. Why? Besides congressional, state government candidates and judges, voters are asked to make decisions on a long list of amendments. Miami-Dade voters decide on several County R and Key Biscayne voters must decide on one Village Referendum.

Key Biscayne Referendum

Key Biscayne Referendum

A YES Vote on the KB referendum would allow the village council to fill a council or mayoral vacancy by appointment rather than special election. It’s the fiscally responsible solution to address council vacancies during terms.

Miami Dade County Referendums

County Referendum 1

A YES Vote on CR 1 would amend the Charter to make the election of the Clerk of the Circuit Court non-partisan. It’s currently the only county level office that’s non-partisan.

County Referendum 2

A YES Vote on CR 2 would reverse the existing law requiring county officials to resign ahead of running for a federal or state elected office.

The proposed change would limit this restriction to cover only Miami-Dade employees running for county office.

If approved county employees could run for federal, state or city offices without having to take leave from their Miami-Dade jobs and stay employed by the county if they win, allowing a wider range of candidates to run.

The existing rule involving employees running for county commissioner, mayor or other offices within Miami-Dade government would still apply.

County Referendum 3

A YES Vote on CR 3 would require that when citizens want to pass an ordinance by referendum, the county’s lawyers will issue a legal opinion on the proposed law before organizers take it to a petition drive.

This referendum proposes for the legality of a petition and its language to be settled before signatures are gathered. The current rule puts that vote at the end of the process.

County Referendum 4

A YES Vote on CR 4 would drop a Miami-Dade candidate from a race if he or she dies. Miami-Dade already does, and the proposed change would continue that practice. In fact, this charter change would simply ratify rules Miami-Dade already follows.

County Referendum 5

A YES Vote of CR 5 would ban Miami-Dade groups from paying petition canvassers on a per-signature basis.

BUT petitioners generally rely on paid canvassers to reach signature requirements to get referendums on the ballot. Being able to compensate canvassers ensures voters an important vehicle to reach the high signature thresholds necessary for citizens’ initiatives.