152,434 coronavirus cases in Florida

Tuesday morning, Florida’s Health Department reported nine new cases for 33149, Key Biscayne’s zip code, the island now with 118 confirmed infections.

This continued the spike on the number of cases in the month of June. Since June first, when zip code 33149 reported 72 cases, 46 new infections have been recorded on Key Biscayne during June.

Zip Code not with 119 cases

This as County and Village government have increased safety measurements and enforcement efforts, like mandatory wearing of facial coverings in public, closing the beaches for the upcoming 4th of July weekend and cancellation of the Fourth of July parade / caravan scheduled for Saturday.

Miami-Dade County added 1.598 cases, raising the total of infections countywide to 36,820.

There are now over 1,000 virus-related deaths in Miami-Dade County after 16 new deaths reported overnight.

The rate of positive tests results in Dade was 17.7%, making it the third straight day over 17% and seven out of the last eight days reporting a positivity rate above 14%.

Statewide, there were 6,012 new cases reported, 43% of them in the South Florida Tri-County area as Broward County reported 602 new cases (13.6% positive rate) and Palm Beach added another 439 cases (14.4% positive tests results).

There are now 152,434 Floridians infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Broward now has 15,624 residents infected with the virus while Palm Beach reports 14,150.

Beaches in all three counties are closed for the Fourth of July weekend, along with beaches in the Florida Keys.