Village issues mandatory mask order

Friday afternoon, the Village of Key Biscayne announced a new facial covering mandate. The ordinance is similar to the one City of Miami implemented Thursday, as well as other communities.

Specifically, all residents and visitors within the Village are now required to wear a facial covering at all times.

The announcement said, “Pursuant to Village Code, commercial establishments and individuals who do not follow Village Orders are subject to closures, fines and/or arrest.”

Enforcement of the new ordinance falls on the Key Biscayne Police Department for “strict enforcement campaign.”

In anticipation of the order being finalized, on Wednesday, KBPD Chief Press issued a video, addressing the enforcement.

The village communication stated “Despite our desire for everyday life to return to normal, this virus has not gone away. We strongly encourage everyone to continue taking all possible health and safety precautions to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19,” reminding residents that while many businesses on the island have opened, “you are still safer at home.”

As the state and county are doing, the village will also be focusing on enforcement to “ensure that all establishments on the Key are in compliance with the New Normal Handbook.”

Residents are encouraged to "see something, say something" by reporting any violations to KBPD by calling (305) 365-5555.