Teens test island’s pizza restaurants, find quality options. Read on to see who tops the list

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The culinary world has been significantly altered as a result of COVID-19. Everyone has been impacted -- including teenagers, who usually enjoy hanging out at Key Biscayne’s restaurants, especially for pizza.

However, because of social distancing rules and limited seating, these days it is the new norm that they will call in to order their meals, just like the adults in their lives.

This can stump teens. When they crave a pizza from the comfort of their home, they must decide which place to call. Which place offers the best selection? Which offers the quickest delivery?

Meet Paulina Garmendia and Sabrina Marquez, close friends and island students preparing to go into 10th grade at Immaculata La Salle. Both are intrigued by journalism and interning with Islander News this summer. While performing editorial tasks, they proposed a “teen-food- taste” experience. Said Sabrina, “Cooking and food have always been a personal passion of mine, along with writing. So that is why the taste project seemed so appropriate for me.”

Added Paulina: “Since I was younger, I would use writing as a creative outlet and would spend my free time writing stories. As time went by, my desire to write grew more. I also enjoy cooking.”

Enjoy their pizza test adventure and we stay tuned for what other #tasteofkeybiscayne they tackle next.

To start, we decided to test pizzas from Sir Pizza, Pomodori, Tutto Pizza, and Domino’s. We ordered a Margherita pizza from each establishment. All orders were made by phone and pizzas were delivered to our homes. Here’s what we experienced:

For Sir Pizza, you may call them or order through their app. Sir Pizza only delivers between 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. For payment upon delivery, Sir Pizza accepts cash, check and credit card. They don’t take credit card information over the phone.

It took 23 minutes for Sir Pizza to deliver its pizza. The pizza crust was very fluffy, and the toppings were as we ordered. Although there were many decorational toppings that made the presentation appealing, there was hardly any tomato sauce on it. There were tomatoes, added with some basil, but the lack of sauce changed the pizza. The flavor was lacking.

For our second pizza, we called Domino’s. They offer delivery from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Our order was placed by phone using a credit card. Our small Margherita pizza was delivered in 21 minutes. To our surprise we received a regular cheese pizza -- not the Margherita we ordered. When we called them back, they explained that Margherita pizza wasn’t part of their menu. This was not explained when we placed the order. While the order was wrong, the pizza we did receive was good. It had a thick fluffy crust and the sauce was very good. It had an abundant amount of cheese. We enjoyed it.

Pommodori Pizza was the third restaurant we ordered from. Their delivery services are from 12 noon to 10 p.m. We ordered by phone and the process was quick and easy. It took 16 minutes for the pizza to arrive. The restaurant also called to confirm that the pizza had arrived -- a nice touch! The pizza was warm and appeared freshly made. The crust was superior, as it was crunchy and fluffy. There was a good amount of tomato sauce and the cheese was very tasty. There were tomatoes and basil on the top of each slice giving the pizza an appealing presentation.

The fourth restaurant we ordered from was Tutto Pizza & Pasta. Their delivery services are from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. They also use delivery service company DoorDash. Once again, we were able to pay by phone with a credit card. The pizza arrived in 18 minutes, but wasn’t as warm when it arrived as the others. The pizza dough was thin and crunchy and perfectly baked. There was a thin layer of tomato sauce and there were tomatoes and basil on top and the pizza tasted delicious.

By doing this pizza ordering test we learned many important details about the restaurants, such as delivery times and store hours, which will be useful in the future.

Each pizza had its positive attributes, but we believe that the restaurant that had the winning combination of easy ordering, fast delivery, and best tasting pizza was Pomodori. We could pay via phone, and the 16-minute delivery time was great. The pizza was also delicious. It is definitely a restaurant we recommend.

If you want to try the pies yourself and compare notes with Paulina & Sabrina, here is the info how to order:

Tutto Pizza & Pasta. Located in the Galleria Shopping Center. You may reach them at (305) 361-2224 or order online by clicking here.

Domino's. Located in the Arcade Shopping Plaza. You can order by calling (305) 361-0000.

Pommodori Pizza & Pasta. Located in the Key Colony Shopping Center. You can order by calling (305) 365-1251. You may order online by clicking here

Sir Pizza. Order by calling (305) 361-5701