Eileen McCaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund Award Recipients

Complete list of winners is: Tan Abascal, Katerina Alvarez, Juliette Bouchet, Huguette Caldera, Isabella Dominguez, John Mark Kellogg, Chris Medina, Nina Perdomo, Arianne Santivanez, Gabriella Teerlynck-Aviles, and Nicola Salino

Photo by Leo Quintana / Islander News 

Complete list of winners is: Tan Abascal, Katerina Alvarez, Juliette Bouchet, Huguette Caldera, Isabella Dominguez, John Mark Kellogg, Chris Medina, Nina Perdomo, Arianne Santivanez, Gabriella Teerlynck-Aviles, and Nicola Salino.


“Thank you very much again for the scholarship! I am incredibly honored to be a recipient.

I attend Florida State University and am a Classics major, specifically interested in Classical Archeology. With this scholarship money, I aim to pay for my classes in the fall semester.

My career of interest is to ideally become an Archeologist and work in the field and in labs, specializing in ancient Roman archeology. As a Hispanic immigrant I feel like learning more about classical languages and the ways of the Romans helps me learn more about my own culture and my language's roots.

Additionally, learning about Classics is incredibly important to understanding how these ancient concepts translate into life today in social/political/architectural aspects. Ancient history is pivotal to understanding why things happen the way they do now, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to expand my knowledge through this scholarship.”

Nina Perdomo


“I’m a senior at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. I study Statistics and Sociology and have a passion for advancing social justice, education and community development with tech.

Off-campus, I’ve taken my community outreach work to a global scale. Last summer, I was a data analyst intern with UNICEF, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Right now, I’m currently completing an exchange program in Seville, Spain where I study and continue to work with UNICEF but with their regional office in Spain.

This summer, I’m excited to announce I have accepted an internship opportunity with Google in Boulder, Colorado. Post-graduation, I hope to land a job with Google.org, developing data-driven and human-focused philanthropy powered by Google.

A big, big thank you to the Eileen McCaughan Fund who have been supporting me and following my journey since the very beginning. The scholarship covers a generous portion of my room-and-board, so I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. It takes a village, literally!”

Katerina Alvarez


“The scholarship funds I have received are going to my room and board expenses, next year, at Davidson College. I will most likely choose a major in biology with a Pre-med track, in hopes of becoming a professional in the medical field.

I found out about this scholarship through the mother of a close friend. Additionally, I would like to thank the Eileen McCaughan Fund for making this possible, as I have lived on Key Biscayne for nearly my entire life, and being awarded a scholarship like this one means a great deal to me.”

Tan Abascal


“I am going to attend New York University next fall and major in Media, Culture, and Communication. I would also like to extend a thank you to all of Eileen’s loved ones. It’s really incredible how they took something so awful and made it into something really positive, because of them I am one step closer to achieving my dreams. I am grateful to have the chance to continue honoring Eileen’s memory.”

Huguette Caldera


“I heard about the scholarship from my mother who knows Melissa and remembers the accident with her sister.

With my older sister in college, I decided to apply for the scholarship.

Although I have not decided yet between FSU or Creighton University, the scholarship will assist me in studying abroad for the first year in Spain. I think it will be more productive for me, improving my Spanish and experiencing a new culture. I am grateful for my education at Coral Gables H.S., the IB program as well as playing soccer has open the doors for many college options.

Thank you very much Key Biscayne Community Foundation and the family of Eileen McCaughan.”

John Mark Kellogg


“I currently attend Northeastern University and am majoring in International Affairs and Economics. I am currently looking for an internship in the field of Diplomacy, NGOs and am working to pursue a career in that field, as this would allow me to combine my passion for Economics and Global Affairs to help make a difference in the world.

I have always found a passion in interacting with people and learning about different cultures, and this is something I hope I can keep being exposed to in my day to day life with this career path .

Thank you so much to the foundation for all of their help! They are a big part of the reason I am able to pursue my goals and focus on my studies. Without their help, many of us would not be able to attend the universities we attend.”

Juliette Bouchet


I am a senior at MAST academy and I am enrolled to start at Florida State University this summer. I plan on majoring in Biology, as I have always loved Science ever since I was a kid, and don’t really see myself studying anything else, especially since it is the study of life on Earth and is a part of our everyday lives.

I would love to thank the Eileen McCaughan scholarship family, it means the world to me that I have gained an amazing opportunity to be able to be proud of my accomplishments throughout my high school years, and put my skills to use as I pass onto University.

Arianne Santivanez