Miami Kiteboarding 2019 Masters Contest

Photo courtesy of Christophe Ribot

On April 13th & 14th the wind and weather conditions were ideal for the Annual Kiteboarding Competition organized by Miami Kiteboarding in its 16th consecutive year held at the Crandon Park - North Beach Watersports Center.

The MKB Masters, now the oldest recurring competition in South USA gathers kiteboarders from Florida and nationwide during a weekend-long contest. Competitors can compete in three different formats : Freestyle Jumps, Slalom races and Foilboard Races.

Saturday’s mild winds of 11 to 13 mph were ideal to run the Foilboarding Races all day. In the morning the contestants raced at full speed in an eight mile long distance regatta between two marks offshore of Crandon Park lagoon.

The challenge being to sustain speed for long distance on those highly technical foil profile, while blasting at almost twice the speed of the wind, three feet above the water in open ocean.

This year the winners were those most skillful in maneuvering between the numerous sargassum seaweed floating everywhere which made it quite challenging for the racers, resulting in crashes that could be harmful at the speed they were cruising.

In the afternoon, participants competed in buoy races regatta, closer to the shore, which presented a great show right in front of Crandon Park for spectators and beach goers.

Sunday’s strong winds all day allowed for a spectacular Jump Freestyle contest in the morning, featuring several categories : Youth, Men, Women, Amateur and Pro division.

The youth division was particularly exciting as most of the participants were local kids ages 9 to 15, mainly comprised of Key Biscayne residents, who started to learn kiteboarding at our school. Some began learning as recently as six months ago and they got to show off their skills against other Floridian kids.

The Pro Division Jump contest ensured the show for the pleasure of the spectators executing spectacular aerial tricks while the wind was at its strongest of the day.

The afternoon was dedicated to the Slalom Races, a fun short distance adrenaline-fueled course between three buoys, right in front of the beach, quite visual and entertaining to watch.

Anyone with basic kiteboarding skills can enter this contest open to all levels and ages. This is typically the race our Crandon Kiteboarder members and Key Biscayne residents attend for fun.

The event ended at 6pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of our new store followed by the award ceremony in front of the shop.

A great moment of pride for MKB and Key Biscayne, was the amazing performance of local teenager Griffin Gretchen, who only started lessons last year at our school, and dominated the event by winning the Jump contest and Slalom races in the youth division. Great determination and promising skills for this young Key Biscayne resident.

The 2019 edition of the Miami Kiteboarding Masters, was without a doubt one of the best contests in the last five years, blessed by steady wind all weekend, a solid attendance of contestants, spectators, and a promising youth division.

Miami Kiteboarding first place winners


Foil Board long distance :

1st- Roman Wunderlich ( USA)

Foilboard Buoy races :

1 - Lazzlo Karai


Freestyle Youth

1st - Griffin Clark

Freestyle Women

1st- Samantha Prieto

Freestyle Men

1- Richie Gardner

Freestyle Pro

1- Josef Prieto

Slalom Races Youth :

1st - Griffin Clark

Slalom Men

1 - Richie Gardner

Slalom Women

1- Kathy Gasc