Adita is a holistic life coach, author, and speaker who sat down with Islander News to share insights from her many years teaching all ages how to tap into their “Super Powers” to live their best life.

IN: How did you start with your own children to guide them in good nutrition habits at an early age?

AL: When I was pregnant with my son, my first child, a friend of mine said to me ‘do you realize that you are growing a baby from scratch?’ It became very impactful to me. When he was born that same friend said, ‘now you’re growing an adult from scratch.’

The reality is for a child, the foundation that I give my child, my five year old, my ten year old…that foundation of health is going to affect them when they’re 50. So there are 50 year olds walking around with all sorts of health issues that come from childhood and years of bad habits. As a parent I have the ability to give my kid a really strong foundation.

Now it is what kind of a senior do I want to grow. Because I am growing a senior from scratch and I want to be that 90 year old lady that can go anywhere she wants to, and do anything she wants to do, and say anything she wants to say. I don’t want to be the 90 year old that sits in a chair all day and can’t do anything and sits and day dreams of all the things I should have done. We have the ability to change that now.

IN: Busy moms and people on the move don’t always have the time to have quality meals at every sitting…

AL: I did a talk at one of the schools on nutrition and I had a lady who kind of gave me a look when I said something about mac and cheese because it’s strictly sugar and that is the beginning of creating a sugar addiction in your child. So afterwards she said something and I said ‘hey don’t you live on that great house on harbor drive,’ she said ‘yes’, they’re dignitaries…and I said ‘you must really make a beautiful table when you have people over you must put out the white china and make things look fabulous’ and she said ‘yes, yes.’ Then all of the sudden I said ‘do you whip out the mac and cheese for them?’

And she looked at me like horrified and I said ‘so your telling me that for them you’ll get a chef in, you’ll cook this amazing dinner…but for your kids …your going to give them mac and cheese?’ And to me my kids…their my everything, their my inspiration…so that doesn’t seem right. We’ve got to get into the whole psychology of it, and into the psychology of self-love.’

IN: How do you teach self-love?

AL: The only person that can do that is you…it’s just you and you’ve got to get into that mindset. Every morning I listen to motivational videos on you tube I have them playing in the background and so that’s how I leave my house.

I hear these great speeches from amazing scholars and so by the time I leave my house I’m like, I’m ready for the day! And that’s what you’ve got to do for yourself because no one is going to do it for you. The women I deal with on Key Biscayne a lot of them have their health, they have everything under the sun right, and unfortunately they believe everything will be taken care of.

But at the end of the day your health and what makes you, you comes from you it doesn’t come from anybody else. You’ve got to do it from inside and you’ve got to make that decision…I’m worth it, I’m totally worth it.

IN: In the midst of so many sometimes seemingly overwhelming demands and obligations how does one stay peaceful and content?

AL: It’s important to do something for yourself every day. It doesn’t have to take long…today I sat with a friend of mine and had a cup of tea and that was my time out. When you take yourself out of your daily chaos and you place it somewhere else then when you come back to it you come back with fresh eyes. It’s like a reset for your creativity, it makes everything better.

How do I find my happy high? Art has always had a special place for me. I just got back from some art shows in New York and if I can get myself messy with paint, I adore it.

My kids are eight and twelve and we have some very special moments…we like to travel together and do fun things, teaching them and we make sure we get some cool experiences together. I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years I love it. It’s never the same thing, it becomes something else and something else…and no matter how you look at it it’s always a positive thing, helping people and encouraging people…that’s my thing.

Summer suggestions for families from Adita:

“With the summer right around the corner, creating healthier habits for the family can add to fun activities to pass the time. Summer is a wonderful time to bond with your little ones, play in the playground together, and make the kitchen the fuel center of choice. You can look at the summer in two different ways…either as a means to an end and simply trying to leave everyone entertained and out of the way or you can put a spin on it and make this a time of bonding, creating healthier habits, and enjoying a few fun adventures.”

Adita on how to overcome heartache:

“I have two choices. I can wallow and be upset or I can make myself the best person I’ve ever been.

So basically I’m making part two of myself…it’s an upgrade.

That’s what you’ve got to think about, you’ve got to make yourself an upgrade.”