New Rabbi at Chabad of Key Biscayne

With the High Holidays starting tonight, the Chabad Key Biscayne Jewish Center is welcoming a new burst of energy. Rabbi Yoel and Rivka Caroline’s eldest son Avremel and his wife Zeldy recently moved to Key Biscayne, where they will be taking a leading position at the Jewish Center.

Avremel grew up in Key Biscayne. Now, after spending seven years studying in Rabbinical colleges in California, Paris, and NYC, and being ordained as a rabbi, Avremel is excited to be moving back to the key. This time as Rabbi Avremel.

“This is something I always wanted,” he said. “Growing up on the key, I always dreamed of moving back here and giving back to the community I grew up in.”

Zeldy is passionate about education, a career she began back in her Brooklyn hometown. She is looking forward to bringing her passion and skills to Key Biscayne.

Rabbi Avremel and his wife Zeidy

“Educating is not about teaching information, it’s about bringing out the best in people. I’m excited about the community environment here and the potential for much growth together,” she said.

The young couple will start new programs. Partnering with the Jewish Learning Institute, they will be starting adult education courses on Jewish-related themes. The first course, starting in November, will be a six-week program about transforming negative emotions into positive emotions based on Jewish philosophy.

“We all experience in some way feelings of inauthenticity, laziness, guilt or frustration,” said Avremel. “This course will show us how to reframe our mindset, to transform these feelings.”

The course is accredited by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Zeldy also plans to establish a Jewish Women’s Circle in Key Biscayne, where local women will get together to experience Jewish culture and tradition through cooking, art, music and literature. “It’s about bringing the women of our community together. Judaism feels so strongly about the power of a woman.”

Additional programs will include Hebrew school, events for kids and teens, community Friday night dinners, cooking and baking evenings, and guest speakers.

As Avremel and Zeldy take charge of the day to day operations at Chabad, senior Rabbi Caroline hopes to focus more on his counseling career. Yoel has always had a passion for guiding people through challenging times. He is certified in areas including trauma, addiction and collaborative divorce, and is enrolled in the masters program for family therapy at NSU.

“This is providing me the opportunity to pursue something I have always loved and cared about,” Yoel said of his son and daughter in law coming to the island.

Chabad Key Biscayne outgoing Rabbi Joel Caroline

Rivka will be continuing her career as a professional organizational consultant and therapist.

With Rosh Hashana being celebrated next week, this transition is taking place just ahead of the Jewish New Year. “A new year brings new opportunities and blessings, and I look forward to a year full of growth for the Jewish community,” Yoel said.

Chabad Key Biscayne High Holidays schedule

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The Rosh Hashana services will be an opportunity for Rabbi Yoel to formally re-introduce his son Avremel to the community. The services will be held at the Chabad KBJC at 101 Harbor Drive.