Editor’s Note: The following are City of Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo letters of complaints he received about Ultra read into the record at the last city meeting on April 11:

“I’d like to take some time and put into the record a lot of the emails I’ve gotten and I think it’s important to have this on the record.” Commissioner Joe Carollo

From one in my district on 5th Ave: After the weekend Ultra experiment my conclusion is it is not appropriate for an ecologically sensitive area like Virginia Key and the music was quite loud even in the roads.

From Brickell Key/Andy: I urge you to cancel the deal. For the entire weekend we could hear and were kept up by loud obnoxious music into the wee hours of the morning. It should be moved to Hard Rock as in Rolling Loud or somewhere else.

Kelly: As a long time condo owner on Brickell Key please don’t invite Ultra back. The windows in our building are shaking, the low vibrations feel like torture…run away migraine headache…well after 2am this is ridiculous what about the city noise ordinance…

Thomas: The City of Miami has shown you are not for the people. Here I sit at 1:30 in the morning watching my windows rattle and listening to the most horrendous noise from across the bay. Why if it was so bad you had to move it did you feel it would be better to residents around Virginia Key…

Irene: We are inundated with noise disasters and sound checks since Thursday night…unacceptable, suggest they go to Homestead…

I find the noise throbbing bass and flashing noise directly opposite Bristol Tower where I live I find it unconscionable…this flagrant violation of the noise ordinance to continue…

John Santaella: I hope you are satisfied with the first day of Ultra total chaos.

Susan Leone: As a four year resident of downtown Miami near Miami Arena I write at this hour to express my disgust…Sat at 2:30 in the morning…my life has been disrupted in so many ways and on so many levels it is only the second night…unbearable and revolting I can’t believe the rumbling I hear inside with my hurricane proof windows… indecent exposure vulgar language til all hours of the night…no Ultra is worth what it has done to the beautiful Miami community.

Lisa Better: I pay taxes I live in the North Grove…no reason to have a mega festival…I work in downtown Miami, Ultra was there for years the implications are terrible for working people and the people who live there…

Jose Verona: Hi Joe, last night Ultra left more goodies for you and thanks for having so many academy buses and helicopters all over the neighborhood when people work in the morning…

Dr. Jay Burrat: …third night of the Ultra Festival seriously disturbing us in the Brickell Key area how is it allowed three nights in a row?

Peter Smalley: I am a long time resident of Brickell Avenue I would like to voice my continued protest…noise, traffic, safety and security was atrocious to neighbors you are supposed to be representing us I implore you to not allow this atrocity to occur again….

To the mayor and commission we have lived in this great city for 51 years and watched it grow and understand progress but we should keep some areas sacred. As a resident I need to speak my mind and I hope someone is listening…as a Grove resident…the boom, boom, boom… there’s a place (for it) and Virginia Key is not it.