Color-coded reopening plan for Dade; moving to Yellow Phase Monday. Restaurants, grooming salons to reopen with restrictions in place.

The New Normal will take some adjusting to for both customers and business alike. What will actually happen starting Monday, nobody knows, but it is safe to say it will not look or feel the same as pre-pandemic.

Wednesday afternoon, Miami-Dade County released a 184-page New Normal document outlining a phased-in approached to reopening the county’s economy.

The Village and other municipalities must adhere to county guidelines; however, they can elect to implement stricter limitations.

Miami-Dade color-coded Phases to reopening the economy

In an introduction to the plan, County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez wrote “It is my intent to move to the Yellow flag phase on May 18, 2020 and allow non-essential businesses to open with stringent capacity and safety rules in place”

Come Monday, and pending final approval from Governor Ron DeSantis, many county residents will be able to return to work in a wide range of businesses allowed to reopen, albeit with restrictions.

The county’s document puts forth restrictions and guidelines for a vast array of industries. As an example, for businesses located in an office building, visitors and employees are required to wear masks “while in the building,” and customers and workers must be turned away if capacity reaches 50 percent in retail shops.

Restaurants are part of the Yellow phase of the plan and as such, will be able to open their dining rooms come Monday. Some of the restrictions for restaurants include:

- Operate at 50% of its building occupancy capacity*

- *This 50% capacity needs Governor Ron DeSantis approval as the state-issued guidelines places a 25-percent limit

- Must maintain social distancing of 6 feet between parties

- Outdoor seating must maintain similar distancing.

- Limit of 4 persons per table - 6 if from the same household - whether seating indoors or outdoors

- Guests at the same table must face each other from a distance of at least 3 feet

- All bar counters will remain closed to seating

- Restaurant must have self-dispensing hand sanitizer or hand-washing station at the entrance

- Employees must wash hands and change gloves at least every 30 minutes

- All restaurant employees must wear masks

- Customers must wear masks at all times unless seated at a table

- Contactless/Cashless transactions are encouraged

The personal grooming industry will also be reopening Monday. Some of their restrictions and guidelines include:

- All services require a recorded appointment

- Customers must wait outside (practicing social distancing) or in their cars until their appointment

- Employees must wear masks and gloves at all times must not share tools

- Hairdressers have to wear single-use aprons

- Customers to wear face masks (may be removed for a short time when necessary to perform face services)

- Provide customers with disinfection spray to apply on entry/exit

- Washing hair before a cut is compulsory

Some of the industries that will stay closed include bowling alleys, breweries, gyms, movie theaters, nightclubs, and pools inside businesses and residential complexes.

Gimenez reiterated that hotels and beaches would not reopen next week, even though hotel guidelines and restrictions are outlined in the released document.