Our World,” a new exhibit at the Commenoz Gallery, features a group of artists whose works spotlight the beauty of the planet we live on and share.

Features are the most recent works of several artists who have exhibited in the space before -- Carolina Baron-Biza, Jorge Cavelier and Eduardo Fonseca -- as well as Jose Arellano’s geometric constructions, the conceptual pieces of Tutua Boshell, and Adrian Doura’s seascapes.

This show will be Arellano’s first at the gallery. For his geometric constructions he draws what he wants to create, then cuts and assembles pieces of board according to his vision. Once done, he paints the pieces with acrylics.


Baron-Biza offers a new series of acrylic on canvas, with flowers and leaves center stage. Her colors are bright, intense, and she always superimposes images, painting in layers.

Carolina BARON BIZA  SUNNY DAYS  Acrylic on Canvas  36 X 36

Boshell’s conceptual pieces feature miniature, mixed media constructions that use mirrors and little notes mounted on them to deliver messages. It is as if they are a reminder of a task to be accomplished.

Tutua BOSHELL 12 X 12 mixed media, from the series My Life as an artist

Cavelier’s serene landscapes in oil on canvas or wood depict the heat of the day or the fog and cool of the mountains.

Jorge CAVELIER WATER FOREST  Oil on canvas 48 x 48

Doura offers us 10 round oils on canvas depicting seascapes of the places he loves -- from Miami Beach to Buenos Aires to Marseilles and the Greek islands.

Adrian DOURA Oil on canvas 17.75 diameter Leblon Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Fonseca is fascinated by lush vegetation and the animals that inhabit our planet, often mixing both such as his “The Parrots.”

Eduardo FONSECA THE PARROTS  Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf  39.25 X 39.25

 “Our World” opens next Thursday, October 17 with a wine reception from 7 to 9 p.m. The show remains through November 14.Commenoz Gallery is located in the Galleria Shopping Center at 328 Crandon Blvd. For more information:  305-361-7052 or visit then online here