Councilmember London responds to letter regarding GO bond claims

Editor’s Note. This letter was sent to Key Biscayne Council members, who shared it with Islander News. Councilmember Ed London’s response to the reader follows below.

Dear Mayor Davey and councilmembers,

I am writing with regard to the proposal for approving a bond issue in advance of an anticipated plan for perceived work that needs to be done in order to harden our island from the condition of global warming and the rising seawater levels occasioned by global warming. Although I agree it would be prudent to look into options for the village's protection, and that job falls within the scope of the Village Council’s duties, I think you are putting the cart before the horse.

Let’s first get a sufficiently convincing plan together of what we want to do, why we want to do it, and why it is necessary. This will allow our community to judge the prudence of that decision. After the community decides they want to deal with that issue, and approve the concept of going into debt in order to deal with those specific issues, it would then be appropriate to ask for permission before incurring the debt.

I will vote against any bond issue that will give a blank check for any future decisions of spending money in this community. I encourage all of Key Biscayne to vote against this blank check concept, and for the mayor and council to do their work first before asking for any debt approval. I hope that the rest of the Key Biscayne voters will see the wisdom in that and vote down the potential long-term debt that is fundamentally against the principals of why we became an independent community to begin with.


Max D. Puyanic

Response by Councilmember Ed London:

Hi Max,

The vote is not to approve and issue $100 million of bonds.

You personally know that I have continually tried to make the government more efficient and lower taxes, yet I am 100% in favor of granting the village the ability in the future, when the need arise,s to issue general obligation bonds to pay for infrastructure projects that will protect our village and our way of life because GOB’s are least expensive type of financing and the extended term minimizes the annual debt service.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reconsider your position.

Call me if you like to discuss your opposition

All the best,