Dade announces school reopening details. Parent & student orientation week of August 24

Dade announces school reopening details. Parent & student orientation week of August 24

Earlier this month, parents were asked to select their preference for their kids going back to school. The choice was to send kids back with the traditional at-school model, with increased safety protocols, or virtual education.

Nearly half of all parents selected the traditional Schoolhouse Model, representing a return to the physical school environment.

Wednesday, Miami-Dade County Public School district announced they would be resuming classes starting August 31 with all instruction occurring virtually.

Citing the risk of students falling behind “in terms of instruction and content” the school system eliminated the hybrid model of part-time in-school and part-time eLearning structured which had been considered earlier.

My School Online

Late Wednesday, the district released a detailed plan for resuming classes. Classes will be 100% virtual, using the system’s new My School Online (MSO) distance learning model.

“The decision to commence the academic year on the My School Online distance learning platform is representative of our commitment to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our students and workforce, while providing a quality education to all,” Superintendent Alberto Carvalho was quoted in the press release.

The plan includes “Welcome Week” – described as a “week-long orientation tailored to help students and families prepare.”

Activities during the week include:

- How a student’s school day will be structured

- How to connect and navigate the virtual learning environment

- Physical and mental wellness

- Organizational skills for students

- Family and students’ resources available

The welcome week commences on August 24

Families will be able to continue accessing training tools and webinars at

Teachers will undergo five days of training on the MSO distance-learning model, as well as safety protocols for when students return to brick-and-mortar schooling

Students will maintain their same enrollment status while attending school online during regular school hours, following a regular school schedule, including

- Brain breaks

- Recess time

- Scheduled lunch time

- Official school attendance will be recorded and maintained for each class.

- Students are encouraged to wear school uniforms while participating in MSO.

Utilizing the new virtual platform and video-conference, teachers will meet with students daily. Other support services will be provided, including counseling, therapies and mental health support.

Throughout the month of September, the district will monitor local conditions related to the coronavirus outbreak and decide by September 30 whether it will be safe to reopen schools. If a decision is made to send kids back to the “schoolhouse,” classes will begin October 5th.

If a physical return to school is authorized, “every effort will be made to maintain as much social distancing as possible.” The school system has developed safety protocols to keep kids and staff safe, including:

- wearing of face coverings on buses and school campuses

- modified drop-off/pick-up

- revised food distribution and class transition procedures

- additional sanitization and hygiene measures

- strategically placed signage to reinforce safety.

The school system will also increase schools nursing staff levels and implementing a “comprehensive and automated contact tracing program to prevent additional spread if a case is reported.”

Parents are encouraged to keep their contact information updated. To receive emergency text messages, parents should register by texting “Y” to 67587.

To view the complete M-DCPS reopening plan, visit