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On Friday, all grades reported to MAST Academy for in-person instruction. On Monday, shortly before 7 a.m., MAST Academy posted the following message on the Miami-Dade County Schools official Instagram account:

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“Attention Makos!! All physical classes have been cancelled you must report fully online.”

At 10:15 p.m. Sunday, all MAST Academy parents received an automated phone call, recorded by MAST Academy principal Dr. Derick McKoy saying that the Miami-Dade Public School system was working with Florida’s Department of Health on “two self-reported cases of Covid-19 involving students at our school.”

Dr. McKoy said that in “an abundance of caution” the entire school, grades 6-12, “was pivoting” to switch to virtual “teaching and learning” on Monday, October 12, so that all individuals who came “in close contact” with the two students are identified and the school is “meticulously” cleaned and sanitize.

Dr. McKoy added that the safety of all students and employees was the priority and promised more information later in the day Monday.

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You may listen to Dr. McKoy’s message here.

In a statement to NBC 6, MAST’s Chief Communications Officer Daisy Gonzalez-Diego confirmed that two students had tested positive for the coronavirus.

"In an abundance of caution and in consultation with the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade, schoolhouse instruction has pivoted to online learning to ensure that all individuals who came in close contact with the two students are notified, through the District's school investigation and contact tracing protocols," read the NBC 6 statement by Gonzalez-Diego.

On a text message shared with Islander News, a MAST parent who asked not to be identified, said the two students are “one from 12th and second from 10th who also play soccer in Key Biscayne.” This is unconfirmed by the school district or the school.

Reached for comment, the Key Biscayne Soccer Club President Marcelo Radice sent Islander News the following statement: "In compliance with HIPPA privacy rules we have notified the parents of the teams that might have been exposed and implemented the relevant CDC Guidelines to make sure our community stays safe."

On Friday, pictures of release at MAST shared with Islander News show large groups of students, most wearing masks, but in closed proximity to each other.

Scene Friday, Oct 9 outside MAST Academy

While some parents reached by Islander News seemed concerned, one parent on the MAST 11th graders chat, tried to bring calm to the situation Monday morning. “I was wondering what would be if any supermarket was closed after each client that tested positive came in. Kids have a mask, school will be doubled cleaned and hopefully back to normal tomorrow. They can improve social distancing in the corridors, so next time no need to close.”