Eyewitness report from Nassau says dazed Bahamians are “exhausted”

Their exhaustion was palatable . . . and understandable,” says long-time Key Biscayne resident Michel Estevez, who spent the day Wednesday in the Bahamas. Estevez and a group of volunteers flew to Nassau to deliver goods donated by Key Biscayners.

Bahamians displaced from Outer Islands arrive in Nassau

Hurricane Dorian caused catastrophic damage and still unknown loss of life last week when it unleashed Category 5 winds and storm surge onto the island nation.

Upon her return, Estevez told the Islander News that relief and rescue efforts were very well organized. Bahamians displaced from the hardest hit outer islands are being brought to Nassau via air. They are then taken to a tent in a hangar in the Nassau International Airport where they are processed in.

As kids arrive at the tent, rescue personnel immediately get them water and help them get comfortable. Seeing hordes of people walking slowly with slumped shoulders and no smiles was the most striking image to Estevez.

Processing hangar

I felt a great deal of sadness” watching groups of children who don’t know where their parents are, and adults who are looking for family members, Estevez recalls. “That was the saddest thing.”

Volunteers who spoke to Estevez and her group spoke with, so far there seems to be enough food available for the thousands of displaced victims. As the relief effort in Nassau continues, the needs appear to be more medical supplies and basic necessities like shoes and clothing. Most of the displaced have lost everything they owned.

KB donated goods being loaded into the plane at Opalocka Airport.

KB for Bahamas will continue to accept donations in Unit 38 in The Square Shopping Center through Sunday, Sept. 15. You can also join many of the different fundraisers throughout the key. For example, the Key Biscayne Rotary held a fundraiser Monday that raised $900.

KB Donated goods being trasported to the staging area upon arriving in Nassau

Monetary donation can also be made through the Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s Emergency Disaster Fund.

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