Flash mob piano concert helps students and viewers beat the coronavirus blues

A unique special event was held on Sunday, March 22, that provided Key Biscayne residents to hear and see Key Biscayne piano students show off their talents in a digital “Piano Flash Mob” arranged by Amarylli Fridegotto of the Key Biscayne Piano Academy. And is happening again today, Sunday March 29.

As many as 70 people tuned in via Zoom, an easy to use tele-conferencing platform, which provided lots of interaction, discussion and quality music from kids age 6 on up.

With anxiety and stress at a heightened level due to the coronavirus, Fridegotto felt it was time for a reprieve. So, she thought, what better way to provide this than through beautiful music?''

So Fridegotto, founder and director of the Piano Academy, invited all her students to participate in a piano flash mob event. This way, the students -- as well as interested residents -- were able to participate or tune in, while still practicing social distancing.

I think that this had the potential of providing residents who are cooped up at home with a moment of positivity during the pandemic,” Fridegotto told the Islander News.

Fridegotto, a native of Italy who still has family there, said the catastrophic situation in Italy has given her even more motivation to do something special for Key Biscayne residents.

Students who participated in the Flash Mob were:

Beatriz Recari, Eva Garcia-Miro, Patricia Bermejo, Antonia Rinaldi, Florencia Rinaldi, Emiliana Solorzano, Anita Rindi, Roberto Antonino, Fatima and Guadalupe Peralta, Leo and Yasuko Baccari, Elisa Barroso De Becker, Daniel Coscarelli, Drennen Wester, Elena Creel, Scarlett Freeman, Benedict Freeman, Alex Carbunar, Elisa Carbunar, Beatriz Alves de Lima, Sebastiano Alves de Lima, Maximo Canino, Isabella Podolla, Alexandra Fadel Fridegotto, Luciano Pinilla, Daniela Araujo, and Lila Mosse.

Fridegotto also had Italian Virtuoso Francesco Libetta, who has performed at the Key Biscayne Piano Festival, to participate in the Flash Mob.

Several participating students said the coronavirus threat hasn’t traumatized them.

I feel very relaxed during this time because I know that I am safe and sound when I am at home,” said Lila Mosse. “Some things I do at home to stay active are playing outside on the swings or jumping on the trampoline. I also bake, do arts and crafts, watch movies, play board games, and play in the pool.

Máximo Canino was equally nonplussed: “During this time, I keep a routine of studying, practicing the piano, and playing video games. I stay at home and enjoy being with my family.”

And 8-year-old Sebastiano Alves de Lima spoke with maturity beyond his years.

I think the coronavirus is going to go away,” he said. “I’m staying positive. During the day I bike, play board games, play piano. To stay positive I talk to my friends on FaceTime.”

Fridegotto hopes this cultural program will become a regular Sunday evening event, perhaps even expanding to include other musical disciplines and artists.

Today, Sunday, March 29 - the event changes to a “Arts-Flash-Mob” and is not limited to only pianists. Singers, poets, musicians from other disciplines are invited. If you want to join in, email Amarylli at info@kbpianoacademy.com to be included in future Flash-Mobs.

Log into Zoom a few minutes early to work through any potential glitches. Here’s how:

Go to www.zoom.us and create an account. It’s free.

Then insert meetign ID is 522 117 958.

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