Youth Lead Change program to launch in KB

Dynamic new program for youth leadership and social entrepreneurship coming to Key Biscayne

Young people in Key Biscayne will soon have a program to help them learn community-building entrepreneurship skills based on innovation and compassion.

KB Youth lesdership in action - Student members of MAST Academy Green Champions visit Congressional Leaders in a recent trip to DC

Student members of MAST Academy Green Champions recently travled to Washington, DC to meet with congressional leaders. Here they conference with Senator Donna Shalala. This is an impressive example of young leaders.

Youth Lead Change is a new local program for ages 13-25 that will present compassionate leadership courses by Outward Bound and a social entrepreneurship platform by Peace First. It will be held October 18 and 19.

Around the world young people are “becoming leaders of social and environmental movements in growing numbers,” according to a press release about the event. “This generation is challenged with the fastest rate of change in history and existential environmental threats... It is clear that social-emotional health, the ability to lead, collaborate, problem solve and to innovate sustainably are important qualities for their future.”

KB youth leadership in action - MAST students address the council

Holly Thorpe, Felipe Paioletti and Ellie Reyna address the Village Council during a recent budget hearing 

The two sponsor organizations help young people with both skills and social-emotional learning.

North Carolina-based Outward Bound’s experiential wilderness-based courses teach life skills and teamwork, instilling confidence, compassion and resilience while demonstrating the power of diversity, equity, and service leadership.

Peace First builds on these qualities, teaching entrepreneurial methods that students use to create effective initiatives for peace and social and environmental progress. The Peace First process was designed in collaboration with the Harvard School of Education.

On October 18, young people can present their community projects for review. Register at the website.

The October 18-19 event will be followed by monthly workshops where young people creating social or environmental initiatives can learn based on the Peace First process. Workshops will offer small-group sessions by business coaches and local social entrepreneurs. Workshops will be on the second Saturday of the month, November through April, at the Community Center.

Community service hours will be awarded to all students attending.

Community Service Awards will provide winners a North Carolina Outward Bound course to deepen their skills as compassionate leaders. Applications will be available on the Youth Lead Change website in November

KB Youth leadership in action - Isabel del Valle McGuniness launches Share the Boo campaign

An example of island youth showing leadership and doing something positive in our community is Isabel del Valle McGuinness who launched her Share the Boo campaign to collect Halloween costumes and donate them to Liberty City kids working with the Chief Press Foundation. 

Youth Lead Change was inspired by Dr. Derek McKoy, principal of MAST Academy, and is supported by the Village of Key Biscayne council, Police Chief Charles Press, Fire Rescue Chief Eric Lang, and Director of Parks and Recreation Todd Hofferberth. The Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s Village of Empathy initiative also supports this program.

The initiatie will eventually expand to the young people from the Key Biscayne sister city, Liberty City, to build mutual understanding between our communities.

What: Reception to launch Youth Lead Change

When: 6 p.m. October 18

Where: KB Community Center

Details: Open to all Key Biscayne residents ages 13-25

Additionally: From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, Peace First educators will hold an interactive social entrepreneurship workshop. (*Limited to 50 people)