The Village Athletic Department in conjunction with the Village Athletic Advisory Board are excited to report that we are going to give our Village children a chance to get back on the fields and courts, while adhering to the required social distancing and other recommended COVID precautions.

Starting within the next few weeks, the following Key Biscayne Sports will be back in action in some form to give our children an opportunity to run around shake off the rust and work on their skills until we get a green light to get back to full competition.

The following sports are set to come back into action in the near term:

- Soccer (already undergoing tryouts for various teams)

- Field Hockey

- Volleyball (in the Gym)

- Baseball,

- Rugby

- Track and Field.

The exact type of activity each sport will be undertaking and the timing of each will vary and as such we ask that you reach out to the representative for each sport or go on the respective websites in order to get precise information.

The respective sports representatives and website information are as follows:

- Soccer Claudio- Nocco 305.924.4528

- Field Hockey Florencia Manero 786-553-4610

- Volleyball Johanna Aguiar

- Baseball - Manny Rionda -

- Track and Field Paul Zuccarini 305.439.4182

It is hoped that many of these sports will run programs through the summer to some extent to make up for the cancellation of many other programs here and outside of Miami and Florida owing to the pandemic.

There will also be consideration for cost and some of the sports may run their current skills and drills programs at either little or no cost. We urge all families who are comfortable to get their children back out into action to reach out to the applicable sport or sports.

Lastly and critically important, as mentioned above, it is the full intent of those responsible both at the Village level, the Advisory Board and those in charge of each sport to adhere to all rules and regulations promulgated by the governor, the state and the county to insure as best we can safety for our children and those participating in the sports.

What is of the utmost importance is that parents and care supervisors CANNOT congregate on the sidelines and in close proximity to each other. Not only is that contrary to practicing social distancing and the current required guidelines, but could lead to violations being levied by county inspectors which would put a halt to all activities for our children, and wholly defeat what we are trying to accomplish- get our kids active again.

That said, we ask that parents or caregivers drop the children off and pick them up timely at the conclusion of the practice/drills event. If you insist on staying we ask that you stay in your car or do not congregate with other parents.

Lastly, if you fail to heed the above, after being asked once to do so, the coaches are instructed to have your child removed from the practice as we will not sacrifice the safety and rights of other children for those parents who will not comply. We expect that it will not come to that and hope our effort to get our kids going again will be well received and the necessary rules respected.

Thank you. Glen Waldman Chairman Village Advisory Athletic Board