#kbminijournalists butterfly assignment

As #kbminijournalists, Ms. Washburn’s 4th grade class were given an assignment.

Early last week, they found a dead butterfly while on break in the yard. Students photographed the butterfly and then were asked to write messages to acknowledge the animal’s passing.

Hope you enjoy reading their heartfelt messages.

You made the world shine bright with color. By Valentina Alvarado

R.I.P. Mr. Caramel Popcorn. Some people don’t care about creatures, but I do. So, goodbye Mr. Caramel popcorn. We will remember you forever. Rest in peace. By Emiliana C. Bejarano

Bye Caramel popcorn (Monarch Butterfly) she/he was gruesomely killed R.I.P. (Rest in peace). by Diego Perezalonso

Butterfly, I hope you have a good time at heaven. Erick

Butterfly, I hope you had a good life. Caramel Popcorn, you were the best butterfly ever. By Andrea Arencibia

Go to sleep, go to sleep, let your mind go to sleep and to peace. You are in a better place now. Now we will say our vows, but hopefully no more butterflies will die by someone stepping on them. Rest in peace butterfly, R.I.P. by Madison London

You added color to this world. By Isabella de Sabrit

Rest in peace butterfly. By Alejandro Moreno

Butterfly: I hope you lived a long beautiful life. By Tais Szyfer Rolim

R.I.P. Rest In peace little butterfly. By Nico R.

Rest in peace butterfly, I hope you like heaven. by Juan Somerville

R.I.P. I feel so bad that the butterfly died. By Vicente C. Navarro

Hope you like heaven. By Mikel Goris

Hope you had a great time alive, and thank you for bringing color to our life. Anonymous