Recently, fourth graders from two Key Biscayne classes were visited by Village Manager Andrea Agha and learned about initiatives the Village is taking to make us more environmentally resilient.

Village Manager Andrea Agha visits with the K8 Center #kbminijournalists

The #kbminijournalists discussed resiliency and sustainability. They held a lively exchange with Agha on things we can do, individually, to make the Village more resilient.

“How many of you know what sustainable means?” asked Agha. “And, how about resilience? What does it mean for our Island to take a hit and bounce back? Agha carefully placed both environmental buzz words side-by-side to test the young audience.

#kbminijournalists visit with Village Manager Andrea Agha

“I was blown away when I heard the future generation of Key Biscayne identify the difference and importance of what it means to be sustainable and resilient. They get it, and they will continue to further develop their understanding of these complex issues. Their young, inquiring minds are aware of the environmental current state of affairs of our Island and planet. And, more so, their level of excitement and commitment to be involved in the solution and change. It is them, their influential voice and actions which will propel the growth and longevity of our community,” said Agha.

#kbminijournalists working journalism board with topics to explore

#kbminijournalists working journalism board with topics to explore 

The Mini-Journalists were then given an assignment: Write a statement on what you can do as individuals, or through their families, to improve our environment. Their statements show that they listened well to Agha and have a strong understanding of the issue. Here is a sampling of their responses:

What I can do to help the environment is to not use single-use plastic, and producing less waste is a great way to not pollute.

Laura Pappas

To be more sustainable I can install solar panels to power my home. Solar energy is renewable, and it is also clean energy.

Mikel Goris

There are different ways we can help the environment, one of them being to do a beach clean-up once in a while. Or just not use gasoline powered vehicles; just walk to school the old fashion way. We will do this so we are one step closer to saving our planet.

Sara Berkowitz

A way I can make the environment more resilient and sustainable is by turning off the lights every time I get out of a room. I could also use reusable plastic and water bottles. It is important to be resilient now, so that in 20 years things would be better for the earth. Things like this do take time.

Isabella De Sabrit

A little action that I will do to help save the Earth is to pick up trash when I see it. I will do this because if an animal eats that piece of trash it could get really sick and maybe even die.

Sofia Tavormina

I would make the world a better place by at least picking up a piece of plastic or waste, and then putting it in the trash can so it does not go into the ocean and hurt animals. You could clean the beach. These examples help the world because when someone throws one-time use plastic it goes to the ocean and it could hurt animals. Plastic that can be used more than one time can be recycled and be made into another thing. Waste that people don’t pick up stays there, or people can pick it up and then it goes to landfills.

Juan Somerville

One way we can help our earth is by using solar panels. By using solar energy we can stop using power plants that pollute our Earth.

Cristobal O’Farrell

Some things that can help our world with its climate change: Turning off the water of your shower after each concept (putting on shampoo, conditioner etc.). Helping our environment is important because you don’t want it to become a filthy landfill.

Tais Szyfer Rolim

I could reuse plastic and buy reusable water bottles, and maybe even use solar panels. The reason I would do this is so that the Earth could be healthier.

Vicente Chavarro

To stop climate change I would start by trying to not use my car as much. This helps to stop global warming because your car emits carbon monoxide, which is a gas that contributes to global warming.

Nicolas Restrepo

There are many examples of how we can help and conserve the environment, but one example I would want to tell is that we can conserve the environment by using less amounts of fossil fuels, like gasoline. We can reduce fossil fuels by not using cars as much, because when we use cars, cars need gas, and then that gas turns into carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide pollutes the air. We can reduce the usage of cars by using a bicycle, scooter, or you can just walk. All this is very important because if we don’t help the environment, trees, animals, etc. can die. Also, if we don’t help, the world would be polluted. Those are just some ways of how we can help the environment. If we all help the world would be a better place.

Stanislao Perez

I think people should use less fossil fuel powered cars. I think that’s something important to do to help climate change because that would help the air in cities and so it will also help climate change be less frequent.

Valentina Alvarado

What I can try to do to make the planet better is every weekend I can do a beach cleanup. I will do this because i know that the planet has a lot of pollution and mostly the beaches are the ones that have the pollution and sometimes there is so much pollution that it smells horrible, and I don't want that to happen anymore.

Nicole C.


Great job #kbminijournalists