Presbyterian School’s upcoming Open House will feature details of 2nd Grade class

KBPS open house

"Our Curriculum focuses on important developmental areas while covering the academic skills necessary to succeed in school." Anne Rothe, KBPS Director

The Key Biscayne Presbyterian School will hold an open house on Jan. 23, at which residents can see and hear about the school’s innovative educational programming -- and hear details about their addition of a 2nd Grade class next year.

Outdoor area

"Our environmental teaching approach connects the children to the world they see every day, developing curiosity and helping them experience a sense of wonder that cannot be found on a worksheet or coloring page." Anne Rothe, KBPS Director

Our 1st Grade parents really advocated for the idea of a 2nd Grade, and it really did make sense to give the children another year of our wonderful, interactive and experiential learning that serves young children well,” said Anne Rothe, director of the school, which currently handles preschool-age children through 1st Grade.

The open house will start at 9 a.m. with a presentation by the administration and teachers, followed by a tour of the facilities at 10 a.m.

Rothe said adding a second grade makes sense from an educational development standpoint, but she doesn’t foresee the school later adding a 3rd Grade class. “Third grade is a critical shift in childrens’ learning -- one that’s more academically focused. Our program is designed to provide our students a firm foundation to take on the challenges of upper elementary.”


Our Resident Artist integrates Environmental lessons with art principles by guiding students through the creative process. Student artwork has won awards at The Fairchild Challenge, The Key Challenge and students have been featured at an Art Basel pop-up gallery. KBPS

The Presbyterian School is located at 160 Harbor Drive. Contact them at (305) 361-2058 or by visiting them online here