Raul Llorente

The fabulous ideals of Key Biscayners for quality self-government were defined 34 years ago .

With clear vision, knowledgeable residents of this wonderful Island realized our community needed a local government to protect ‘’Paradise.‘’ They formed the pro- incorporation movement. Now, more than ever, they deserve a huge thank you from all of us and to be reassured that their visionary ”Key Biscayne ideals” will continue to be honored.

The fabulous ideals for what is now the Key Biscayne municipality were solidly affirmed June 18, 1991 when the residents of Key Biscayne voted to adopt the Village Charter, drafted by a Commission of the The Pro-incorporation Movement.

It was a move to assure our dreams of being represented by our own neighbors and to decide what style of local government would bring most satisfaction to our entire community. It was an action to protect our community from over development and to forever maintain the quality of our beloved community

Our first Village election was held Sept. 3, 1991 and established a positive direction for our local government. We had a winner.

The seven members of our first elected council were designated guardians of our Key Biscayne ideals and entrusted with all policy decisions required to direct our Village towards a bright future. This responsibility continues today, with each sitting council.

During the 28 years of our municipal history the elected Key Biscayne council has appointed five Village managers. All have seen appreciative fans of conduct favoring our ideals or worried observers of a methodology disruptive of our goals.

Our elected councils have always been cognizant of respecting these Key Biscayne ideals and have always been the essential consideration for council approval, or dissatisfaction of Village manager performance.

Our elected council has shown a desire for a friendly style of local government, and has placed emphasis in selecting Village employees who will perform their duty of presenting municipal rules and regulations with courtesy and care.

Over the years, many island improvements have been implemented by our elected representatives. The aspirations of Key Biscayne residents have been satisfied by a council comprised of our own neighbors.

A practical solution preferred by our residents was given to our Village service department by placing them under the supervision of specialized directors. That is an integral part of the successful structure of our Village government

The preservation of our Key Biscayne ideals has always been reinforced by our founders. An interesting fact is that the chair of the 1991 5-resident charter writing commission ran for council in 2018, was elected and is actively sharing his views from the dais for the public to judge his performance.

Key Biscayne residents pay close attention to council meetings and continue to be interested in conduct of high standards by our elected representatives whose duty is to elevate the aspirations of our community. Same with our Village employees and leaders, whose duty it to satisfy our best interests.

Key Biscayners continue to be focused on giving life to the most essential principles and traditions that made our community fabulous .

It would be joyful to see, in future Key Biscayne elections, a demonstration of the enthusiasm of a new generation of Key Biscayners wishing to continue the success of our local form of government. But also, it would be phenomenal if longtime Key Biscayners who have not yet joined the council would offer their experience and wisdom for the continued betterment of this island community we all love.

Raul Llorente was a member of the Key Biscayne Village Council from 1993 to 1996.