Key Biscayne Kids to perform in Disney

The Force is with young Key Biscayne musicians as they prepare for Disney performance

Musical dreams will come true for a group of South Florida 6-8 year olds when they take center stage to Rock Around the Clock at Disney Springs on Friday, January 3, 2020.

For the fourth consecutive year, South Florida Music’s Performance Group was selected to perform at “the Happiest Place on Earth.” They are among the youngest musicians invited to perform by Walt Disney World.

After many weeks of two-hour rehearsals (in addition to their usual weekly group piano classes), these young musicians -- including three Key Biscayne residents: Christian Freyre, Alexander Freyre, and Valentina Pietri -- will represent South Florida at the Waterside Stage. (Editor’s note: The author’s daughter is among the performers.)

Alexander Freyre, Valentina Pietri and Christian Freyre

Led by group directors Dr. Joy Galliford, Alaina Lorenzo and Karen Flanary, the group will perform a repertoire comprised of both Disney and classic compositions, song and dance.

“Our Disney performers have mastered their performance songs and are ready to sing and play their pianos with musicality and energy,” says Galliford. “South Florida Music is extremely proud of their efforts.”

These 18 budding musicians are part of South Florida Music’s Piano Year 2 program. Classes are held throughout Miami-Dade County, including Crossbridge Church on Key Biscayne. Galliford also brings her research-based music program, Music FUNdamentals, to the Key Biscayne K-8 Center through a grant from the Key Biscayne Community Foundation.

Key Biscayne musicians prepare for Disney performance

Names of Participants in photo:

First Row: Christian Freyre, Patrick S. Pavicic, Cristina Winker, Anna Collado, Valentina Pietri, Masha Zhamgotsev, Suraya Domond, Javier Ulloa, Alexander Freyre

Second Row: Jessica Lynn Duarte, Summer Harris, Alessandra Cabrera, Elizabeth Fernandez, Jasmine Diya Ramkhelawan, Carolina Fernandez, Emiliano Zaldivar, Cecelia Domond, Presley M. Feigenbaum

Directors: Dr. Joy Galliford, Mrs. Karen Flanary, Mrs. Alaina Lorenzo


Most students began their musical journeys in early childhood music classes at South Florida Music. They hummed along with their parents, learned to play the glockenspiel, began to read music, and together they learned.

The performers have, by all accounts, mastered piano arrangements of Star Wars, It’s a Small World and Ode to Joy. They will also be singing Rock Around the Clock, and a Disney medley which includes You’ve Got a Friend in Me and Hakuna Matata.

I love Piano, student note

Years of musical education will culminate in their magical, 24-minute performance before family, friends and guests at Disney.

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