April 29

Cyclist crashes into vehicle off 400 block of Mashta Drive and then claims to driver of said vehicle who was present at the time that he was not injured however driver claims damages to his vehicle. Vehicle operator requests incident documented but declined a crash report.

2nd Incident: Man’s wallet and contents within lost at 600 block of Crandon Blvd. Case number provided to complainant.

3rd Incident: Cyber Crime reported with complainant stating an online account was hacked and perpetrators requested a ransom to restore the account in three separate emails sent, he was advised to contact State Attorney’s Office or Miami-Dade County Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit.

April 30

Florida Tag Disposition. Three police officers visit Department of Motor Vehicles West Flagler office to return nine impounded tags from property and evidence room at KBPD.

2nd Incident: Medication brought in to be disposed of by anonymous person.

3rd Incident: Vandalism reported at 700 block of Ridgewood when owner of a Tesla reported his car was egged in the rear trunk. Egg residue present on vehicle and driveway, no damages to the paint reported at the time. Area cameras checked with negative results.

4th Incident: Red scooter stolen from the library, no cameras at rear entrance for possible documented evidence, library manager interviewed and victim issued a case card.

May 1

Business proprietor and employee dispute reported at 300 block of Crandon Blvd, case card issued.

2nd Incident: Harbor Plaza area golf cart driver stopped and citation issued for expired tag.

May 2

Citation issues for unregistered golf cart driven on 700 block of Crandon Blvd.

2nd Incident: Damage report at fire station originated when firefighter drives ambulance into garage and door then closes prematurely and collides with an exhaust fan on top of ambulance damaging it to the point of it needing to be replaced. Four glass panels from garage door also damaged.

3rd Incident: Dog found at 400 block of Fernwood Road near the dog park, taken to the police station and photo sent to Islander News. Neighbor witness coincidentally mentioned to editor in passing they received an update from witness that the dog found his family.

May 3

No reported incidents sent in report received by Islander News.

May 4

Identity theft reported from November when complainant states he received an unapproved bill from Sprint regarding an apparent expenditure of $4,600 for the unauthorized purchase of four iPhones. Letter attached to report and no further information provided.

2nd Incident: Ongoing neighbor dispute from 1111 Crandon Blvd reported.

May 5

A 2019 Black Porsche Cayenne is reported stolen from the home driveway on 700 block of Harbor by a male wearing a hat and arriving in a possible U-Haul vehicle. Owner discovers her car that she had left the day before, upon arrival with key in the ignition and door open.

2nd Incident: Tourist on vacation at 4000 block of Crandon comes in to the station to report a lost cellular phone while on the beach, case card issued.

3rd Incident: Found Yorkie dog at 150 Hampton Lane. No valid chip identity revealed, photo sent to Islander News. 

4th Incident: Lost dog found near St. Agnes Church, negative results from chip reader. 

5th Incident: Apparent marijuana smokers reported at CVS parking lot, officers dispatched and discovered in the car after confirming odor of pot. Smokers indicated it was medical marijuana and produced a California license. They were warned, pot was confiscated and impounded (weighed 1.4 grams), they were not seen driving, were warned of Florida Law to only consume at home or medical facility, and were subsequently picked up at location as requested by officers who reported they demonstrated a “corrective attitude.”

May 6

Homeowner from 300 block of Gulf Road reports a “theft of services” from contractor hired to remodel her kitchen and who apparently never did the job. A Mr. Remberto Fernandez is listed as said contractor who received a full payment of $37,000 to do the work and as reported the contractor failed to do the job. The original agreement was in April 2018, with multiple unsuccessful attempts until October of that same year to reach contractor. Information forwarded to detective and code enforcement advised.

2nd Incident: Fire rescue delivers five bottles of medicines to the department.

May 7

No reported incidents sent in report received by Islander News.

May 8

Reportedly stolen golf cart from 200 block of Galen Drive entered into the system and case card issued. Subsequently it was spotted on the side of the road, owner contacted and confirmed it was hers, and teletype removed it from the system.

2nd Incident: Credit card found at the Village Green Park by the swing sets. Placed in locker for safekeeping.

May 9

Medications turned into the station. No further information.

2nd Incident: Veterans Administration identification card found and impounded, no further information.

3rd Incident: Emerald Bay Key Colony, 151 Crandon Boulevard, resident complainant states his vehicle was unlawfully towed citing a failure to notify and tow site located beyond ten miles of residence. He claims both are offenses in violation of the Florida statute and provided parking regulations from Emerald Bay to staff.

4th Incident: Resident from 100 block of Ocean Lane Drive states his license plate was switched with a different plate while at Whole Foods. License impounded and case card issued.

May 10

Residents from the 1000 block of Crandon Blvd filed a harassment complaint regarding an ongoing issue where they believe they are being targeted and harassed by management.

May 11

Civil matter reported and referred to the state attorney’s office whereby complainant stated his hired contractor and himself had a job site related disagreement about an unfinished project, and the installation and return of materials.

2nd Incident: Bicycle theft reported from 300 block of Fernwood, no operational cameras at the time to possibly document incident. Case card issued.

3rd Incident: Off 10 block of Harbor Point, “report number was pulled in error” is the extent of documented narrative.

4th Incident: Complainant claims to have been harassed by two males while walking off 100 block of East Enid Drive and Crandon Blvd and then threatened with a knife. He wanted police to scare the men away but not press charges, when told that was not possible, he declined to officially report the incident.

May 12

Improperly parked vehicle (blocking bike lane and swale) was towed from Grapetree and Crandon Blvd.

2nd Incident: 1200 Block of Crandon Blvd “case pulled in error” is the extent of narrative reported.

3rd Incident: Vehicle blocking the bike lane and swale where signs are posted and was towed from Grapetree and Crandon Blvd.

4th Incident: Complainant states surveillance cameras caught a beige Toyota Land Cruiser dumping furniture in her dumpster at 900 block of Crandon Blvd. Surveillance photo with make and model of Florida plate attached to report.

May 13

Minor vehicle damage reported sustained at Winn Dixie Parking lot/600 block of Crandon Blvd from parked moped toppling on to a parked Chevrolet Suburban.

May 14

Criminal mischief reported on vehicle off 400 block of Ridgewood Rd; reportedly damaged with scratch mark from end to end. Case number provided, no further information.

May 15

Dispatch to Mashta Bridge where male is found fishing and discovered to be a resident with “the appropriate credentials.” No violations reportedly observed and valid fishing permit was stated as attached to the original report.

2nd Incident: Anonymous hurriedly drops off medication at station determined to be three liquid bottles and three syringes. Discarded by captain on duty along with remaining pilled medication in drop box.