June 2

Egg throwing incident on the 300 block of Redwood Lane. Canvassing of area conducted, no further information to help identify the subject.

2nd Incident: Possible residence burglary at 600 block of Ridgewood Dr. Homeowner heard a noise around 3am and discovered in the morning his front door was ajar and the frame was broken, apparently struck by an unknown object. He told the officer it may have occurred by juveniles that have been playing pranks by knocking very hard on the door and then running away. He was confident they were responsible. A watch order was to be placed at his residence after-hours during the summer vacation while school is out.

3rd Incident: (copied verbatim from officer report for most accurate documentation of incident and with names and golf cart ID redacted).

“I was dispatched to 200 Crandon Blvd in reference to a booting dispute. Upon arrival, contact was made with (representative from) KB Booting. He stated the property owner advised him that a female drove a (color) golf cart onto the property, parked it, and then left the Key Colony Plaza to go elsewhere. KB Booting was called to boot the golf cart, and a boot was placed on the front driver side tire.

I then made contact with her father who did not want to respond to the parking lot, which was the incident location, and demanded I respond to Starbucks, because it was too hot outside. I then walked to Starbucks and asked him to step outside, as Starbucks management stated they did not want him inside the store any longer as they were trying to conduct business and he was causing a disturbance.

When speaking to the male he stated he was not present when the incident occurred. He admitted his adult daughter was operating the golf cart, he further admitted knowledge that his daughter had left the Key Colony Plaza in reference to vehicle immobilization. Furthermore, the male stated he was not leaving until Starbucks agreed to pay for the booting, because of how much money he spends at Starbucks. He blamed Starbucks for not having signage at their entrance to advice patrons that they cannot leave their vehicle parked at Key Colony Plaza, while attending other shopping centers. The store manager onsite explained several times that she could not authorize such payment to him, as it would have to be someone else who is not there today. I further explained to him that Starbucks was under no obligation to pay his booting fee, and if he refused to pay the property owner had the right to tow his vehicle.

The male then went on about another male who he clearly stated he profiled as a “predator,” who whistled at his daughter when she walked onto Crandon Blvd and stated to her “you cannot park here.” The male said this was harassment and no one should whistle in the United States of America. The male he was referring to as a predator, is the property manager of Key Colony Plaza who whistled to get the attention of the female, in an attempt to give her a courtesy notice of not being able to park and leave the property, which she ignored.

As I felt the booting was not going to be resolved due to him not understanding that Starbucks was not going to pay his booting fee, I requested his identification, and the information of his daughter who was not present to state what occurred, so that I may document the incident in a police report. The male refused to provide me with neither his nor his daughter’s information. Subsequently, he agreed to pay KB Booting for $65 for the removal of the boot. The boot was immediately removed.”

ID determined from golf cart sticker to be that of an expired decal, owner subsequently identified and advised it needs to be registered annually.

4th Incident Juveniles reported on the roof of the school at 150 W McIntyre St. Upon arrival police encounter three juveniles who said they were there to look for a ball. Parents contacted, arrived shortly thereafter, advised of findings and juveniles released to respective parents.

5th Incident: Apparent beach bag theft in the 300 block at 301 Ocean Dr. Phone is later pinged at the area of the Miami River. No surveillance cameras known to be active in area according to motel clerk, no further information available.

6th Incident: Criminal mischief reported at 300 block of Glenridge Rd where rear windshield of golf cart was smashed by a “fidget spinner” found on the ground. Photo taken of damage, surveillance cameras present on scene being reviewed to capture perpetrator.

June 3

At 500 block of Bay Lane $22,375.00 is stolen from vehicle parked at owner residence somewhere between 11am and 3pm. Monies received post a work day by property manager owner picking up rents, who indicated vehicle is typically never locked in front of residence. No cameras present to observe activity on site.

2nd Incident: Downed power line at 200 block of Island Drive. KBFD arrives on scene and determines a neutral power line had broken and was on the ground at the rear. Line was “hot and arching” FPL is called to address the situation, they arrive on site and require turning off power to replace, causing a temporary power outage throughout Key Biscayne for approximately two hours. Notification sent out via email.

June 4

Anonymous person turns in a visa debit card to station, property placed in locker.

2nd Incident: Neighbor dispute at 100 block of Cape Florida regarding property line issues that have been ongoing. Neighbor 1 removes cage from generator outside property to check on lost power, neighbor 2 begins video recording and states he is not being compliant and she has a right to record. Neighbor 1 requests incident be documented by police in the event issues persist or progress.

3rd Incident: Citation issued for expired golf cart decal. 4th Incident: Improperly parked golf cart at 500 block of Fernwood Rd obstructing north bound traffic. Civil citation issued.

June 5

Juvenile falls off bicycle, KBPD responds, treats juvenile and then he is released to father.

2nd Incident: Suspicious incident at Milanezza Restaurant where bar patron is overheard making violent remarks and threatening the safety of others, including racist threats and mass violence on a wide scale, threatening the president, and others. Secret Service agent is called to site, related incidents are reported and being investigated.

3rd Incident: Watch stolen at 200 block of Knollwood Dr valued at $85,000.00 and believed by owner to have been taken from a service provider recently at the residence.

June 6

Golf cart driver issued citation for running a stop sign on Hampton Lane and running his large dog alongside the vehicle, civil citation for loose dog not on leash. Golf cart tag also expired as of 2016, Nov.

(May 16 to June 1 dates still pending receipt to Islander News to be published next issue.)