Letter to Key Biscayners from Mayor Mike Davey

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My Fellow Key Biscayners,

Key Biscayne was founded on the principle that we, the residents, would govern ourselves. We essentially killed bureaucracy. But I am becoming increasingly concerned that our bureaucracy is growing at the expense of the original vision of Key Biscayne.

The consequences of a growing bureaucracy are increased staffing and costs, decreased efficiencies, and a weakening of that sense of community we have because we know we are all in this together; building this together.

I think we are coming to a point when we will have to choose whether we are going to continue to be the Key Biscayne that we have always been, or whether we want to change to the style of government in other places.

That form of government works for them, but not for us. Key Biscayne is different. Key Biscayne is unique. To me, the Key Biscayne Way is special, and effective, and I don’t believe that type of bureaucratic government fits us.

We, as the Council, represent the residents of Key Biscayne, that is our priority.

At our meeting on Tuesday, I asked the Council to come back to our next meeting with a list of those things they think are going well and the things that are not going well in the Village.

Then, at our following meeting, I want the Manager to give us her plan of action to address the items that are not deemed to be going well. The plan should identify the person responsible for its implementation, and a timeline for the completion of those items.

In the interim, I would ask you, the residents of Key Biscayne, to also tell me what you think is going well, and what needs to be improved on our island. Please send any comments or concerns to mdavey@keybiscayne.fl.gov.


Mike Davey

Mayor for the Village of Key Biscayne