Letter to the Editor. Christine Biggers rebuttal on Key Biscayne Beach Club

Responding to letter about KB Beach Club fees

Editor’s Note. This is in response to a letter published in the Jan 16 issue of Islander News from Charles Sherman titled “Long time resident questions the value of Key Biscayne Beach Club membership”

KB Beach Club…. Alive and Thriving!

I’m writing this letter in response to the Opinion piece Charles Sherman submitted to the Islander last week. I actually met with Charles several months ago and we discussed many of the thoughts Charles brings up in his letter.

As the Treasurer of the Beach Club, I’d like to point out some facts. As many residents know, prior to our current Board and Manager (Paul Zuccarini) taking the reins in mid 2019, the club was in dire financial condition. This board’s focus has been on collection of past due accounts, which then enabled us to make necessary repairs to the club. In May 2019 we had 373 fully paid members. As of January (prior to 2020 invoices going out) we had 514 fully paid. That’s an increase of 141 members or 27%.

The Beach Club is the key’s family jewel. As such, we have been able to make the following upgrades:

  • complete new roof
  • complete new painting of the club
  • new logo
  • new signage
  • reclamation of beach property
  • repair of bathroom doors and vents
  • brand new children’s play set
  • new umbrellas and chairs
  • clean up and continued maintenance of landscaping, etc.

Now that the major issues have been tackled, the board has turned its attention to the club’s future. We did discuss the possibility of lowering dues for 2020, but felt it prudent at this point to delay that action, as we face a major expense with the sewer hookup mandated by the Village. Along with the sewer project, we will also be turning our attention to new landscaping and other projects to benefit the members. The board will also be discussing the possibility of different membership classifications, which could include a “senior” and/or “junior” membership, as well as various options for new member initiation payments.

But I think the most exciting project will be the opening of our food concession – after months of consideration on different proposals, an agreement was signed with Beachside Cafe. We hope to have this open in the March/April timeframe. Beachside will be offering a selection of sandwiches, salads, burgers, tacos and treats. They will also be available to cater any functions at the club.

As you can see, the KB Beach Club does NOT face a dire future, but will continue to be the place where families from Key Biscayne will be able to enjoy a day at the beach with ample parking, chairs and umbrellas, shaded beach areas, a children’s playground, food and beverages, beautiful rental space for parties, and a true sense of camaraderie with fellow Islanders!

We are accepting applications for new members. Please contact Paul @ (305) 361-2813 or manager@kbbeachclub.com.

Christine Biggers,

Treasurer, KB Beach Club Board