New Harvard study: Summer weather could help fight coronavirus spread.

In his Saturday video message, Village Mayor Mike Davey said the beaches remain closed, and there is not timeline or target date to open them. “Condominiums recreational areas, except for tennis courts, remain closed” added Davey

Davey highlighted the businesses that may open starting Monday, including retail shops and restaurants. A link to The New Normal, 184-page county guidelines businesses must follow can be found here.

Facial covering is required in ALL businesses that are open, not only restaurants. Also businesses are required to screen employees coming back to work. For County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez order click here.

Davey also said the Village is continuing to ask the state to keep Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park closed until such time Miami-Dade County opens the beaches.

Summer and the coronavirus.

Relationship of weather on the coronavirus has been the focus of extensive research recently. A new Harvard and MIT research looks at how the upcoming summer’s heat, humidity, sunshine and people being more could combine to slowdown — though certainly not stop — the coronavirus outbreak.

“The best way to think about weather is as a secondary factor here,” said Mohammad Jalali, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

The database put together by researchers at Harvard Medical School, MIT among other institutions looked at weather conditions, from temperature and relative humidity to precipitation, at 3,739 locations worldwide to establish the “relative covid-19 risk due to weather.”

They found that average temperatures above 77 degrees are associated with a reduction in the virus’s transmission. Each additional 1.8-degree temperature increase above that level produced an additional 3.1 percent reduction in the virus’s reproduction number - called R0. 

However, the Harvard and MIT research found transitioning to warmer weather would not be completely contain the coronavirus spread.

You may read the Harvard & MIT white paper here.