Pink Key Society

Pink Key Society an homage to local victim of breast cancer

In his quest to do something to help others, Sergio Mendoza is fulfilling his vision in a way that honors his late wife and the precedent she established.

Sarah Mendoza died from breast cancer on Nov. 5, 2017, and Sergio Mendoza said what he’s doing is continuing to make an impact that mirrors what she did in her community outreach efforts.

The late Sarah Mendoza

So the Key Biscayne resident created the Pink Key Society as a “way for you to join me and harness Sarah’s spirit for embracing the opportunity to help others. I’d like the society to help causes.”

Through it, on Oct. 12, a 16-person team will take part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Miami. Already, the group has raised more than $7,500.

Pink Key Society

“I’m excited about it because it has been described as really emotional,” he said, adding it’s his first Komen walk. “I’m really into the healthcare equality part of it … giving more women standard care.”

Each year the Pink Key Society will host events that, in Sarah’s spirit, are fun, full of friends and “support an important cause.”

“I will invite you to each of these events,” he added. “And I hope you join me to remember Sarah and be inspired to further her mission.”

Recently, about 50 people gathered at a charity cocktail party for the team members and donors who have supported the Pink Key Society’s Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Walk. The event, which had sponsors including PISCO100 of Key Biscayne, featured sounds by DJ Tavin, the resident DJ at the Standard Hotel.

Mendoza, who owns Pharaoun Cocktail Rings, said he’d like to offer multiple events every year.

“That’s my goal,” he said. “For me, one of the biggest parts about this is a habit of giving back. For me, and for Sarah, doing well for the community and for others, there shouldn’t be a difference between the two.

“I want to have an event, a party, something we all feel good about while making a big impact toward a charity that helps its community.”

Sarah Mendoza, who was 40 when she passed, and who was married to Sergio for eight years, was involved in organizations including the Girl Scouts Council of Tropical Florida, the Families and Kids Foundation and Young Professionals Group of Caritas Cubana.

Sergio Mendoza

“She helped those that needed help,” Mendoza said of his wife. “When they brought Sarah in, she brought in a social layer. Her enthusiasm and approach to life … that’s the same spirit I’d like to” have.

Mendoza, who comes from a large family, said that while he knows a lot of people, they don’t know each other. He feels there are myriad opportunities for him to create and enrich relationships between others.

“Sarah taught me to go out of my way to help others if I have the opportunity, and I am so happy she did,” Mendoza wrote on the Pink Key Society webpage. “It is a special joy that I get when I am able to make a difference in a friend’s life without expecting anything in return.

“Since Sarah died, I have been active in many charities, and each one makes a huge difference to the community it serves,” Sergio’s statement continues. “They need help, and since Sarah is not here to help them, I want to. She always had enough time and energy to help others in need, and not only do I want to embrace that spirit, but I’d like for you to join me as well.”

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