KB Parade Committee started working at 7:30am at the KBYC breakfast for last minute details and the Parade ran smoothly with great entries, bands, and dancing behind the one and only Junkanoos.

Lucky us to be able to enjoy FREEDOM!

1. 6:30 arise, let dogs out.

2. 7am dress in brand new Fourth of July Committee shirt and glance at newspaper and forecast.

3. 7:30am join fellow committee members for hearty breakfast and last minute details at the KBYC.

4. 8:30 am Go home make bed, brush teeth, walk pups a bit.

5. 9am Ed drops me off at my post Crandon/Harbor and he goes to his, directing traffic at Fernwood and McIntyre.

6. 9:30-10:30 busses with bands arrive and dismount at the Shell Station and another committee member guides bus driver on where to park and wait.

7. 11 sharp, flyover always is very emotional, The PARADE starts.

8. Ed pushes the floats along Fernwood. The last entry are the Junkanoos and he and other Parade Committee golf carts drive behind with coolers full of cold water to offer the band.

Michelle and I dance along with the Junkanoos, waving the flag and distributing cold water to band and small children on the parade route.

9. After the Parade we had delicious hamburgers cooked by Rotarians and chat with friends.

10. 2pm Home and resting.

11. 6:30pm Turned on TV for pups, ordered pizza and in golf cart went to the Beach Club to stake our space to watch the fireworks in the sand. Wall to wall people!

12. 9pm magnificent fireworks show! Stood up for National Anthem while fireworks going on.

13. Went home, quick 3rd bath of the day.

A great day in Paradise!

--Ceci Sanchez