August 1

Customer dispute on fees at Mobil Gas Station, 38 Crandon Blvd, case number provided to complainant as requested. 2nd Incident: On 300 block of Gulf Rd a dog fight occurred while housekeeper was walking family dog (owner out of the country) and “several small dogs bit (said) dog on the leg.” 3rd Incident: In the 400 block area of Warren Lane, presumed pest control workers identified as “Eco-Pest” knocked on a resident door offering pest control services, deemed suspicious by property occupiers and reported to police station.

August 2

A 2014 Ford F150 hit a parked vehicle at the Community Center parking garage and left the scene. The owner of the parked vehicle was able to locate the driver who claimed they were unaware that they had hit her Jeep and the two were to resolve damage fees independently. 2nd Incident: CCTV security surveillance footage from 300 block of Harbor Drive said to record three young black males in light hoodies hopping over property fence and rummaging through two parked Landrover vehicles unlocked in drive way. Owner noticed the following day unauthorized persons had been in said vehicles and went to station to report. No property filed as missing.

August 3

Reported FPL scam off 400 block of Grand Bay Drive by complainant who received a call claiming it was FPL and that her power was about to be disconnected for lack of payment. After rushing to purchase two prepaid cards for $809 she realized it was a scam and attempted to stop payment.

August 4

No reported incidents received.

August 5

Missing person reported off Beechwood and subsequently located. 2nd Incident: A couple off 100 block of Harbor Drive report a suspected anti-virus computer renewal. 3rd Incident: Identity theft reported from a Verizon account nonexistent off 100 block of Harbor Drive. 4th Incident: Drunk/disorderly incident off Turtle Walk reported, handled without incident.

August 6

Homeowner off 700 block of Harbor Drive reports a water leak. Plumber arrives, is bitten by the house dog, discovers origin of the leak and is refused payment for consult result, requested to stay on premises by plumbing company manager until fee is payed or police called. Apparent dog bite injury treatment refused by KBFD. Both parties issued case cards and encouraged to utilize civil court proceedings if they cannot come to a resolution. 2nd Incident: Possible fraud off 50 block of Ocean Lane for a Macy’s credit card activated unauthorized by complainant. Police report issued. 3rd Incident: Grand theft golf cart, missing and located by KBPD.

August 7

Case card provided for apparently stolen paddleboard left at Yacht Club unattended in the west parking lot area against a fence. No surveillance or witnesses reporting suspicious person(s) in area. No further information from Yacht Club security. Two tags on paddleboard: one from Oceana, and one from Yacht Club. Valued at $750.

August 8

Possible domestic related violence dispute and averted crime reported around 400 block of Grand Bay. 2nd Incident: Resident falls inside home in 500 block area of Ocean Drive, KBFD called and effectively assist. 3rd Incident: Possible domestic related violence dispute off Galen Drive. Officers investigate and domestic violence brochure with case number and recommendation for restraining order results. 4th Incident: Damage to water main by unknown person(s) at 84 Crandon Blvd, CitiBank location.

August 9

No reported incidents.

August 10

Woman’s wallet found around 100 block of Ocean Lane Drive and impounded at KBPD.

August 11

Officers respond to fight reported in the lobby of Ritz Carlton Hotel at 455 Grand Bay Drive. Upon arrival no victims or offenders remained on site to report. No crime reported. 2nd Incident: Tree snaps and falls from 200 block of Buttonwood Drive blocking street. Neighbor reports hearing a firecracker prior to downed tree. Public Works responds with crew to cut and remove tree. Homeowner complains that they weren’t notified, tree said to belong to the Village. Cleaned up and no further incident. 3rd Incident: Resident off 300 block of Island Drive complains that “Sweet T” a 100 foot vessel was illegally parked in channel and too large for other vessels around the area to navigate. Marine Patrol officers state vessel does not impede nearby navigators and remains where it is as no code violation appears to have occurred. Case card issued. 4th Incident: Suspected prowler off 300 block of Redwood Lane reported, no surveillance video but description presented. Area checked with negative results.

August 12

Wallet found at 38 Crandon Blvd. Property impounded and taken to KBPD. 2nd Incident: At 500 block area of Crandon Blvd, package received said to be tampered with by complainant. 3rd Incident: Identity theft reported from 700 block of Allendale.

August 13

Car accident when vehicle hits waste management truck off Harbor Point. Incident settled on scene. 2nd Incident: Golf cart lost and found off 700 block of Curtiswood. 3rd Incident: Part time resident from Latin America attempts to pay his Disney Vacation Club Membership with a certain bank account from Regions only to discover over $100,000 from several different credit cards has been withdrawn by unknown sources. Incident is documented by KBPD to begin case process with bank.

August 14

Good Samaritan at Bill Baggs State Park discovers one gold ring with initial “M” inscribed and one silver ring with initial “LM” and the date “07-07-2011” inscribed while in the ocean at the park. He leaves rings at KBPD to hold in attempt to find the owner. Rings impounded and placed in locker for safekeeping.