We say the heart and soul of the Key Biscayne Woman’s Club is the granting of scholarships, an annual tradition of over 50 years.

Our scholarships are unique because we do not have an endowment. The club raises funds throughout the year by holding raffles, bake sales, pecan sales, and special events. This year the Club held a new event, Bunko night at St. Christopher’s by the Sea Church, and it was a success.

When we evaluate the applications we look for academic excellence, financial need, the personal statement, and recommendations. Each year we, the committee members, Dottie Devaney, Staria Peterson, Karen Llorente and myself, prepare ourselves for this daunting responsibility, but we find that in the end the recipients are usually a clear choice.

There is always something unique about each recipient that helps us determine in unison who will be chosen. Year over year we are in awe and inspired by the success and aspirations of the students. When we meet them, and hear them articulate their goals it motivates the Club to continue fundraising, because we know we are making a difference in their lives.

Our scholarship can be used for tuition, books, travel to and from school, a new computer, etc. One student used some of the scholarship to buy winter clothes. He was attending university in upstate New York and was unprepared for the harsh winters.

We trust the students that they will spend the money wisely towards their education, in whatever form that may be. We have not been disappointed. The only thing we ask of the student is to keep in touch with us a couple of times throughout the year, by email or letter so we can share their news and progress with the Club.

"Our Sixty Sixth year of the Key Biscayne Woman’s Club marks the end of another successful year.

We have had numerous fundraising events and social get-togethers during the year. At the Scholarship Breakfast we were delighted to meet the five outstanding young people who were selected from the well-qualified applicants for our Scholarships this year. We wish them well in their future careers.

We want to thank all the members, friends, people who have donated to the Club, individuals and businesses, and all who have supported us during the year.

For our Sixty Seventh year beginning with events in October, 2019, we are already planning fundraising events and meetings when our members can get-together to achieve our objective of “improving lives, helping the community, and providing financial assistance through scholarships to local students.” We hope that new members will join us in our quest.”

Judy Rosenblum, President, Woman’s Club Key Biscayne

Scholarship Winners and their plans

Rosario Krossler: MAST Academy graduate and self-taught musician on guitar and piano planning to attend Miami Dade College as an Honors Program admit. Her career goals are to provide mental health care services with a focus on Autism education advancement.

John Mark Kellogg: Coral Gables High School graduate. He said no to many schools to follow his family legacy and attend Creighton University in Nebraska as the third generation student to enroll.

Sadie Beatriz Cox: MAST Academy graduate admitted to Florida State University where she will pursue a nursing degree. Her goal is to ultimately work in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Laura Sandino: MAST Academy graduate and captain of the girls varsity golf team. She is heading to the University of Chicago and hopes to attend medical school at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Leonardo Brito: MAST Academy graduate and Water Polo Co-captain who also interned at the VA Hospital Pulmonary Unit going to Brown University where he is guaranteed admission to medical school.