K-8 Center

Council members approved an engineering contract for Safe Routes to School work that would make it easier and safer to bike or walk to the Key Biscayne K-8 Center and other local schools.

Village Council members will review a $168,000 engineering contract with Kimley-Horn for the Safe Routes to School project at tonight's meeting.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers. It is open to the public and airs live on government TV stations and www.keybiscayne.fl.gov.

SRTS is aimed at making it safer and easier for kids to walk or bike to the Key Biscayne K-8 Center and other island schools.

Local leaders first saw the contract June 5 and asked Village Manager John Gilbert to renegotiate with Kimley-Horn, calling the firm’s original $267,000 proposal “outrageous” and “exorbitant.”

“When I saw this come in, with that fee, I almost fell over,” Council member Brett Moss said June 5. “I kept looking at it going, ‘How can this be that expensive?’ For me, it was exorbitant.”

Mayor Mayra Pena Lindsay added, “You really need to sharpen your pencils, because I think this is outrageous. I can’t support this.”

Kimley-Horn and Gilbert did just that, meeting June 14 and lowering the price tag by $99,000.

Kimley-Horn eliminated several items from the original scope of services:

Under traffic, stop sign warrant studies were recommended by the Safe Routes to School Study. For an intersection to warrant an all-way stop sign, traffic counts and a detailed analysis and report need to be performed and approved by Miami-Dade County Traffic Department. Kimley-Horn will instead provide a desktop analysis of the intersections to determine if they meet basic requirements to be evaluated as a stop sign warrant.

Traffic counts, signal warrant studies and approval with Miami Dade County Traffic Department will not be part of the scope. For any intersections found valid for a warrant study, the Village will coordinate directly with the Miami-Dade County for the preparation of traffic counts, signal warrant studies and approval.

The intersections it will study include Fernwood Drive and Buttonwood Drive, Fernwood Drive and Hampton Lane, Fernwood Drive and Woodcrest Lane, Ridgewood Road and West Heather Drive, West Heather Drive and Hampton Lane, West Wood Drive and Glenridge Road, West Wood Drive and Ridgewood Road, and West Wood Drive and Allendale Road.

Under geotechnical services, Kimley-Horn removed an additional services amount.

Under environmental services, the original agreement included, on an as-needed-basis, funding in case sidewalk improvements trigger the need for National Environmental Policy Act evaluation. The new agreement states the services will be performed on as-needed-basis and in coordination with the Village.

The surveying team will identify right-of-way lines, edge of pavement, sidewalks, driveway approaches, trees, paved areas, utility castings, curb and gutters, signs, utility poles, walls, fences, and all other significant above ground features within the survey limits. Kimley-Horn’s SRTS team will work with its team that is studying underground utilities for the Key to see where surveying work can apply to both projects.