Father Juan Carlos Paguaga, St. Agnes Church pastor holds up plaque showing Consecrtion of Key Biscayne

MAY 31, 2019 Marlene Quaroni/ FC Father Juan Carlos Paguaga, St. Agnes Church pastor holds up plaque showing Consecrtion of Key Biscayne Archbishop Thomas Wenski consecrates the Village of Key Biscayne

We Catholics fulfill the consecration to the Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary with a sincere and true readiness like the Mother of God asks of us. Our hearts are depositories of the Holy Spirit present in our daily lives. This faith is sure to lead us into an existence of grace under the Blessed Mother’s protection.

Right from the beginning of the preparation for the consecration, Mary herself guides us with her grace in the road to the act, the sublime moment of this occasion. One of the given graces is the ability to imitate her decided and trusty heart, and to walk, like she did, in the footsteps of the cross.

Years ago Monsignor Jose Luis Hernando, former pastor of St. Agnes, consecrated the parishioners of this community with the help of the Mission for the Worldwide Love of God. The results of this act can't be seen with the eyes of the world, but they can be lived and felt as time goes by.

This year we wanted to consecrate, with the help of Mayor Mike Davey, the Village of Key Biscayne. To put her in the hands of God for all the residents and to pray that the grace of God is received by all.

Our community is itself blessed in the religious and civic fields, with so many open hearted individuals. But our greatest hope, should be to look for divine protection and listen to the voice that shall lead us to righteous ways.

My sincere gratitude to those that made the consecration possible, not only in the entire month of preparation preceding and leading into the consecration, but also to those whose hearts were joined to ours in asking for divine protection.

The community of St. Agnes was ready once again to be consecrated to the hearts of Jesus and Mary last May. Not only with the fervent desire to put the community under divine protection, but also as a way to establish a pattern of life under the blessings of the New Testament.

We are in the midst of very difficult times. The family, and moral and scriptural values are being disregarded by many. If we stay on the same path we will not only lose our happiness but also the road to eternal life.

I know the Lord hears our prayers and is tuned to his people even if we repeatedly turn our backs to Him. Our God is trustworthy and lovable, and for this reason we consecrate to the Lord, our lives, our plans, and our loved ones.

I think that nowadays the most vulnerable group in our community is our youth. I often see an emptiness in their lives as they search for happiness in ephemeral actions, while at the same time seeking that peace that only comes from God.

The family is also vulnerable and in need of support, stressed by not only economic burdens but also rocked by a lack of values that weaken love and family unity.

When confronted with these major needs we have to join forces, not only as heads of the family but also as societal leaders.

We should look at this consecration as a weapon against the evil one who is constantly prying like a roaring lion and looking for the souls that trust in the Lord.

We need to search for heavenly help and place all of our endeavors in the hands of God and his Blessed Mother.

As stated in Psalms 120: "Our help comes from the Lord, creator of Heaven and Earth.”