KB Police Department

Update on previous KBPD Alert 

Attention Residents

Please disregard the previous alerts regarding the suspicious person who reportedly approached a female juvenile this afternoon.

Further investigation by KBPD detectives revealed that this young lady had fabricated the entire incident which never actually occurred.

Please resume your normal activities. Thank you for all of your cooperation and concern

Reports first surfaced earlier this afternoon of a young lady walking into a local beauty shop, shaken and crying, reportedly with a torn shirt, claiming to have been approached by an individual near Winn Dixie asking her for directions who then tried to abduct her. She was able to break free and run.

The incident was reported to KBPD around 6 p.m. and this statement was issued shortly thereafter:

Village Connect message from KBPD: Please remain vigilant as a suspicious white male in his 30's with black hair and a short full beard with a black shirt approached a juvenile female this afternoon. At which time he pulled her by the shirt and uttered irrelevant statements and then ran off in the area of Fernwood Rd and W. Enid Dr.

Any further information will be relayed as we receive it.