Use common sense on the GO Bond issue, Vote No

On November 3, Key Biscayne voters will be asked to vote on a proposed $100 million dollar bond to be used for resiliency. Here are some thoughts on this issue:

Our taxpayers are being asked to give the council power to approve completely unknown projects. This is bad government. We are being asked to trust future unknown councilmembers. The municipalities that have passed these bonds have completely vetted their projects. Their taxpayers knew exactly what they were voting on. Don’t our taxpayers deserve the same??

Many taxpayers do not understand the $100 million GO bond measure. Most are more concerned about the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and their livelihood. It is common sense to have a plan, vet the projects, and educate our voters properly. A rushed proposal in the middle of the Covid crisis makes no sense. In addition, the possible projects are two to five years away from being "”shovel ready.” So why now??

Our taxpayers are NOT allowed to vote on the projects. Only the council members vote. Yes, you are giving the council members a blank check to pick whatever project they like.

Will our taxes go up? If the council borrows money from the bond, it will be repaid from our ad-valorem taxes. Yes, our taxes will go up. How much will they go up? Unknown

Why is debt service on the bond already in this year’s village budget? The bond proposal did not come from our village management.

As taxpayers, we should ask ourselves what is at stake here? Why have the candidates for council who oppose the bond been so maliciously and unfairly attacked?? What has happened to our sense of decency??

Let’s demand better planning from our council! Vote NO on the $100 Million Dollar Bond Referendum!