The Islander News gets a lot of great public input via Letters to the Editor, but we’re confident to say very few are as on-point as the ones we received from Ms. Manzieri’s 3rd-grade class.

Her students took on an issue that is near and dear to many Key Biscayne residents’ hearts: protecting our beautiful local environment. Here’s a sampling of what the students had to say – we think it’s a sign that the island’s future is in good hands!

Ban plastic bags

The government should make a law that bans plastic bags. Here are my reasons. We live in an island so it’s very easy for a plastic bag to end up in the ocean. Also, many sea turtles live and nest in this island. So, they confuse plastic bags for jellyfish. We’ve seen plastic bags floating in the water. Plastic bags look like jellyfish to sea turtles. Plastic bags are harming our sea life.

I’m going to stop using plastic bags. You should too.

Rebecca Sofia Genatios

Don't use plastic straws

I think that we should not use plastic straws. Here are my reasons. We are destroying our oceans and coral reefs. We are making the animals get sick. The animals are eating the plastic straws. You could say you need them for drinking. I disagree with you, you can drink without it.

Martina Martinez

No more plastic straws

No more plastic straws! Here are my reasons why. Plastic straws are not necessary. Also, they are very bad for the environment. The plastic straws are bad because once they are used they go to the ocean and it is plastic and once it got stuck to a turtle’s nose.

Straws are bad for the environment, plus you are licking plastic that is made of toxic chemicals and it is bad for you. So, don’t use the plastic straws.

Maria Gomez-Cuetara

End fossil fuel use

Fossil fuels are the end to mankind! Here are my reasons. They pollute the environment. Also, they are one of the causes to global warning. Greenhouse gasses are destroying the ozone layer.

You can say that it’s been used for many years. I disagree, fossil fuels are not sustainable. Fossil fuels are not a renewable energy or sustainable energy. We should look for clean energy.


Nicolas Esteves