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June 19th, 2013

From Key Biscayne to Belo Horizonte

t was hot and intense!
After waiting four years, the World Cup is back.
The first game I attended was Colombian against Greece, with Colombia winning.
We arrived to Belo Horizonte after a long trip from Miami to Rio de Janeiro. The airplane was full of colorful shirts and you could feel the country pride in the atmosphere. There is nothing like celebrating this world party where everybody is competing against each other but, at the same time, united for one beautiful thing: soccer.  
Spain, the defending champions, lost 5-1 to the Netherlands, the same team they faced in 2010. But there is still hope for each team, and Brazil as a great host will make sure we still cheer, cry and laugh.
(Key Biscayne resident Lucas Fernandez is an 8th-grade student at St. Agnes Academy who is in Brazil attending the World Cup.) 
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