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July 24th, 2014

Fraud complaints continue to fill police reports


raud continues to plague Key Biscayne residents, while several neighborhoods – which are apparently being targeted – have seen a rash of bicycle thefts.
A local postal business was the victim of fraud recently. During a two-week period in May, an unknown crook asked the local business to forward 14 packages to an address in South Africa, paying with a credit card that turned out to be a fake. Charges were $1,850.
A Key Biscayne woman received a check and letter instructing her to deposit the check to her Bank of America account, purchase phone cards and return them to the sender. The woman followed instructions only to find the check was a fake and her account was subsequently overdrawn.
A 56-year-old Hampton Lane woman was a victim of bank fraud when a thief deposited a forged check against the victim’s account.
Two phony money orders were issued to a Crandon Boulevard woman via a Craigslist buyer.
A 54-year-old Ridgewood Road resident received an alleged notice from the IRS stating she owned $42,053.93 for the 2011 tax year. The notice was not real.
Someone using the identity of a 42-year-old Crandon woman attempted to obtain the woman’s tax returns.
A 70-year-old Galen Drive woman received several phone calls from her utility company and bank confirming her change of address to Pembroke Pines. The woman did not request the change.
A 46-year-old Crandon man discovered someone had applied for and been approved for several credit cards using his personal information.
A 68-year-old Grapetree Drive man reported the IRS had informed him someone had fraudulently used his identification to collect his income tax return.
A Buttonwood Road woman was the victim of credit card fraud when she discovered $285 worth of charges had been made at the Miami Beach Macy’s.

Bicycle thefts
Meanwhile, homes on Galen have been the target for bicycle thieves recently.
A man reported the theft of a Takara Kabito yellow men’s road bike from the resident parking lot. The security camera captured two men with bolt cutters cutting the lock and selecting a bike. This is the second bike stolen from the resident, possibly by the same men.
Another Galen man reported the theft of two of four of his bicycles, which were locked together on the residence bike rack. One is a black hybrid Trek and the other a red hybrid Schwinn.
A red and white 2008 Honda scooter was taken from an assigned parking spot at a Galen residence. Another bike, this one a black Raleigh with gold striping, which was parked and double-locked to a chain link fence, was also taken.
Two bicycles, one a blue and silver Grand and the other a chrome-colored Marin, were stolen from a Galen apartment building. A white beach cruiser was also stolen from a Galen parking garage. The thief cut the security chain and fled with the bike. A Gary Fischer red, white and blue mountain bike was taken from a Galen balcony where it was cable-locked to the railing.
Elsewhere, a woman’s white Trek mountain bike was stolen from a Crandon parking garage, and a red Schwinn bicycle was stolen from a Crandon apartment building.
A black Giant Revel 29 was stolen from Winn-Dixie bicycle rack when the 50-year-old owner left it unsecured.
A Crandon woman had her blue and silver Trek mountain bike stolen when she left it unsecured in the building’s bike rack.

Two blue and grey bird deterrent devices were stolen off the rear patio of a home on Harbor Point.
A card reader at the Key Biscayne Mobil gas station was stolen and the damaged, causing the pump to fail. The owner estimates more than $2,000 in damages, not taking into account the lost business.
A 92-year-old Crandon woman called police to report the theft of two valuable rings she found missing from her jewelry box.
A 45-year-old unemployed Miami man attempted to steal $274.10 worth of groceries from Winn-Dixie. A store manager stopped him.
A 20-year old Grapetree man took a cab from Miami, but when he got to the Key, he discovered his credit card was denied. The man made a promise to send the cabbie the $35 cab fare by mail.
An assistant manager for a construction company reported the theft of a $350 air compressor kit from a West Enid Drive construction site.
An 86-year-old Grand Bay Drive man reported large sums of money had been removed from a locked jewelry box in his home. Missing is $5,000 in cash, $3,000 in travel vouchers and a $1,000 American Express gift card.
A plumbing van was stolen from the southeast corner of a Grand Bay parking lot. The van contained plumbing tools and supplies.

Civil warnings and violations
An 18-year-old Crandon man was arrested on a trespass citation for swimming in a Galen pool without permission. The man was released after he promised to appear on the charge.
A 24-year old Sunrise Drive apartment owner was issued a $150 citation after a police warning for excessive noise was ignored. The man was hosting a Miami Heat party that ended up getting rowdy.
An Island Drive woman was fined $50 for allowing her dog to run loose. This was the second violation for the offense.
An Ocean Lane Drive golf cart owner was cited for parking in a no parking area near the Key Biscayne K-8 Center and for having an expired registration.
A trespass warning was issued to a 61-year-old woman who had attempted to leave CVS without paying for a bottle of juice and a three-pack of air freshener.
A trespass warning was issued to a man who was seen wandering around The Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne Miami. The man was not a guest.
A Crandon golf cart operator was given two ordinance violations for driving her golf cart on a main street and having an expired permit.
After being issued a written warning, a 21-year-old Knollwood Drive man was given a citation for a loud party.

A verbal confrontation that occurred during a graduation ceremony between two women prompted a report to police.
A verbal altercation turned physical when a 24-year-old man and 24-year-old woman, both apparently intoxicated, began arguing in a Crandon parking lot.
A 56-year-old woman, who according to witnesses sounded like she was on a drinking binge, made a number of harassing phone calls to a local doctor who had treated her at one time.
A dispute between a Crandon resident and the building’s security guard ensued when the security guard was not able to open a unit where the resident had lost a key. The resident became angry and police were called. In the meantime, the resident’s wife found the key to the unit.
A verbal threat to an ex-wife at a school function prompted a report to the police.
A Crandon man threatened to shoot a security officer after the officer asked him to move his illegally parked car or risk having a sticker applied to the vehicle.

Criminal mischief
A report of criminal mischief was filed by a Warren Lane man when he found damage to his outside sink faucet. Vandals had altered his sprinkler timer on an earlier occasion, causing the water to run all night.
A Mariner Drive woman asked police that a watch order be placed on her home after she found damage to her sliding glass doors.
A vandal scratched the hood of a BMW at a Crandon apartment complex.
A 45-year-old Beachwood Drive woman reported vandals threw eggs at her home during the night. A similar occurrence happened at the home of a 56-year-old Harbor Lane woman.
An Ocean Lane Drive woman reported damage to her white Mercedes when she found a large dent on the car’s hood.

Lost and found
A 48-year-old visitor from Mexico lost her passport and travel visa.
Someone found a black leather wallet containing $3, a Florida driver’s license, a Social Security card and a MasterCard on Ocean Lane Drive.
A 42-year-old Crandon man lost a blue carrying case containing his Spain and Venezuela passports plus his U.S. resident alien card.
A Galen neighbor found a yellow sun cruiser bicycle.
A Miami woman who works as a maid at a Crandon home lost her Department of Immigration work permit.
A white and silver iPhone was found in the Village Green and brought to the police department.
A man placed his wallet on the hood of his car while he pumped gas at the Mobil gas station and later realized it was gone. Soon after, the man got a call from someone claiming to be a Key Biscayne police officer, who said he had found the wallet. However, local police said the call did not come from them.

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