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July 24th, 2014

Key Biscayne needs assessment survey will start this fall

 ne of the first issues the Village Council will address next month when it returns from its summer break is a needs assessment survey that could impact a number of high-profile projects, including building a senior cultural center on the island.
Village Manager John Gilbert told the Council Tuesday, July 1, he’ll work with them one-on-one over the summer to fine-tune a draft of the survey.
Then, he said, he’ll push for action when the Council meets August 26 so the survey can begin in the fall.
In other news July 1, local leaders indicated they plan to create a Procurement and Sustainability Advisory Board, and discussed an upcoming visit by the Florida League of Cities.

Needs assessment
On the needs assessment survey, Gilbert presented the Council a draft and said he’ll talk to each member individually in early August. He gave local leaders the “homework assignment” of reviewing the document and making suggestions, noting, “It will help us expedite this.”
Gilbert said time is of the essence: he wants the Council to approve a survey at its first meeting back from its summer break, the August 26 session, so surveys can be done in the early- to mid-fall when both snowbirds and full-time residents will be on the island.
That way, Gilbert said, “The analysis will be more inclusive.”
The survey looks to pinpoint the programming needs of the community, which could include the senior cultural center. The results will help the Village decide whether it needs to build new facilities and how to program space that is being added to the Key Biscayne Community Center based on an expansion approved by the Council earlier this year.
Surveys will be conducted as phone interviews, Gilbert said.

Sustainability board
In other news July 1, Council member Theo Holloway earned his colleagues’ support for moving forward with creation of a Procurement and Sustainability Advisory Board to assist the Village in executing a Sustainability Plan created by the Green Committee.
The plan outlines short- and long-term steps the Village can take to improve recycling and waste management, energy and water use, vehicle fleets, procurement, etc., all with an eye toward environmental sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.
The plan recommended hiring a Sustainability and Procurement Director to help implement the plan and handle procurement Village-wide, but Gilbert did not recommend moving forward with the position during the upcoming fiscal year. Therefore, Holloway, Council liaison to the Green Committee, which has since sunsetted, suggested creating the advisory board to fill the role.
Others were supportive. Mayor Frank Caplan remarked, “I think we want to do this,” and asked Holloway to bring back a formal item August 26 for a Council vote.

League of Cities
Finally July 1, Caplan announced the Florida League of Cities’ next meeting – set for August 7 – will be in Key Biscayne at the Grand Bay. Caplan urged his colleagues to attend, noting it’s good news for the community that the group is meeting on the Key.
“We need to keep showing up,” Caplan said.
Vice Mayor Michael Davey agreed – “We appreciate their effort to be here. It’s a great thing and I appreciate them coming out here to us,” he said – and Council member Mayra Pena Lindsay applauded Caplan for his extensive work with the League.
“You’ve been very active, and, as always, a great representative for Key Biscayne,” she said.

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