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April 17th, 2013

Green Committee still on track to unveil Sustainability Plan next month


ey Biscayne’s Green Committee remains on track to present the Village Council a proposed Sustainability Plan before the Council’s June budget workshop.
The group also got a newly-appointed member as its efforts continue.
The committee met Thursday, March 13, and Saturday, March 15, to continue tweaking a draft of the Sustainability Plan – which will outline short-term and long-term projects aimed at making local operations more environmentally-sound and reducing the government’s carbon footprint – as it prepares to present the document to the Council.
Green Committee Chairman Derek Duzoglou said members hope to present the plan to the Council next month – in advance of the budget workshop, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 17 – because some of the proposed initiatives may have budget implications.
The Sustainability Plan suggests environmentally-friendly practices for government buildings, vehicles, purchasing and more, and could also be adapted to apply to residential areas. Ideas range from short-term projects like providing more and better recycling bins in public spaces to long-term goals like helping the Village prepare for the inevitability of sea level rise.
According to Duzoglou, tweaks to the document continued last month, but the group was getting close.
Following a solid session on the 13th, he said committee members covered even more ground at the weekend meeting.
“Saturday’s meeting was extremely productive. We were able to review and finalize about 75 percent of the Sustainability Plan. The remaining 25 percent is currently under review from all committee members,” he said, noting he expected all final revisions to be submitted in March.
Duzoglou added, “We’ve also compiled a comprehensive table of data which highlights previous accomplishments, existing initiatives and future goals of the Village.”
The information is based on in-depth conversations Duzoglou had with each Village department head, as well as existing resources like the Village’s website.

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