In 1991 we adopted a Village Charter establishing wise principles to guide our new municipality. Our entire community enjoyed the victory.

I have always appreciated comments I have received regarding positive ideas I have presented. And now that a controversy appeared about funding the ‘’Undergrounding for FPL power lines,” I thought I should propose to end it.

And when that proposal was mentioned in the Islander News, responses indicated that most Key Biscayners agreed. Voices from all over the island were firmly in favor of the project.

They consistently expressed: We are one solid Village and must not be divided by that controversial issue and feel it endangers the solidarity of our community. Now it appears our fears will end thanks to wise action by the Florida Legislature.

That governmental body has approved a bill that appears to clearly compel FPL to do similar projects funded by the company, and which would be collected from the rates they charge consumers for their service.

This might create a different controversy, but not the kind that was causing turmoil in our community. That one appears to have evaporated in Tallahassee.

We now have a fabulous opportunity to review the Constitutional Principles we adopted as part of our Village Charter in 1991 and find the strength to make sure this kind of controversy is gone forever.

Surely some sectors of our community felt very affected and loudly presented their concerns. But it is important we all realize that it is essential, in order to protect the integrity of our government as per our Charter, that we trust our elected Council to represent all of us. And most believe we must preserve our original principles to protect our future.

We must admire that very responsible thought. It is the thought of Key Biscayners who love our community; to preserve the traditional community solidarity we have always enjoyed.

“A new generation of Key Biscayners‘’ will enjoy a bright future in our municipality if we preserve our Constitutional Principles.

Electing a Village Council from among our friends and neighbors from all sectors of our community has been our greatest achievement.

--Raul Llorente