The principles in our charter are the key

I wanted to commence by reminding all my fellow Key Biscayners about the many victories from the past and which have assured our happy lives in this island community.

Back in 1991, our efforts would eventually show us that we all could win big if we adopted a charter calling for incorporation establishing the Village of Key Biscayne as an independent self-governed municipality

The principles we adopted in that initial charter would allow us to elect a governing council of seven representatives from among friends and neighbors to guide this newly formed community forward.

The charter would entrust our elected council to provide guidance and establish policy decisions to guide the growth of Key Biscayne, as well as approve annual budget, ultimately deciding on which capital improvement projects would be needed and implemented.

So, our community is then governed by an elected council, making this one of the essential principles in the Key Biscayne Charter, a system we all must respect in order to achieve future victories

One of the present controversies facing us has emerged as our council decided to consider undergrounding FPL power lines across the village. Objections presented by The Key Biscayne Condominium Presidents Council, together with arguments about how the entire Key Biscayne community would pay for this project has been at the center of intense discord.

For the betterment of our entire community, it is extremely important this controversy end as soon as possible

We must find solutions that will satisfy all and that friends and neighbors, would be our next victory.

Surely, our present elected Village Council has the authority to decide policy which would eventually determine if this project is an appropriate plus for our entire community And the Key Biscayne Condominium Presidents Council, an organization comprised of Key Biscayne residents, has every right to present their concerns. And I for one, hope both sides find a workable solution that satisfies all.

But by all means all; the entire community.

Let’s face it, the complete scope of this project is considered by many Key Biscayners necessary to assure a quality future for our entire Village.

I have been very attentive to everything that has been expressed about this controversy by the principal speaker of the Condominium Presidents Organization as I am also familiar with the position of the present elected Key Biscayne Council.

I could make extensive comments about this matter but want to limit my commentary to highlighting the important principles in our Charter which hold the key to our next victories.

Specifically, that we have a Village Council elected to guide our municipality. This council I remind us, was elected by all the (voting) people of Key Biscayne.

Raul Llorente