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Editor’s Note: Our social media channels are often a lively forum of comment and reaction to news stories. Starting with this issue, the Islander News will share in the print edition highlights from the comments we receive on our social media channels. Comments are published as they appear on Facebook or Instagram, unedited. We will not fully identify writers here. Let us know what you think.

Readers react to RANT on Cyclists on the Rickenbacker and island roads

NicolasM. I understand your frustration but 40mph in that U turn is above the speed limit. Second, if you let them go, after 2 minutes they disappear.Last but not least, if the cops dont pull over drunk drivers what makes you think they are going to stop and confiscate any bicycles.

JaneM Cyclists must be from Denver, that is just another day around here.

AlexH Cyclists want to be afforded the ability to share the road right up until the point of stopping at traffic lights.

StacyB These people are horrible in the mornings. Police need to crack down on them

CristinaV There is a huge sense of entertainment from these cyclists. They don’t afford pedestrians the same rights they demand from drivers.

CindyC A tradition on the Key but getting too much

MoiraR From the angle of the camera the driver was taking pictures while driving. I see the Key Biscayne chief of police may have a new client.

LailaC This is exactly what I go through. These cyclist are out of control.

NicolasM The Islander News, Key Biscayne this type of rant should not be allowed in this forum. It is divisive and dangerous to the community. It promotes exactly what is wrong with society today. Intolerance. Legally speaking the cyclists are entitled the same use of the road as a motor vehicle. As far as the large pelotons, yes, they can be scary and reckless, im not defending that, but truth be told. What danger to a car do they present? When a cyclist falls in a group ride he takes other cyclists down, period. As cyclists we accept that risk as well as the risk of being mowed down by an angry driver shooting video to illustrate what he thinks should be punished. Id love for all the people complaining to try and do a group ride that size and that speed and see if ANYTHING different can be done. Drivers, patience, trust me, as cyclists we dont want to be anywhere close to a car. Enjoy your drive and let us enjoy our ride!

jayr Happens all the time on weekdays too. They have no respect that we only have one road to commute to work. So many defenders say we have to “share the road” or slow down. These guys would be outraged if we just casually rode our bikes down the middle of the street in their neighborhoods when they were trying to drive to work

vt I know that a group of cyclists must be a nuisance for a lot of drivers, after all car drivers need to slow down and be more careful when driving near slow moving bicycle riders (common sense). Even though, cyclists need to obey all traffic laws, many drivers are not familiar with The Three Feet Law. I urge everyone to get familiar with this particular statute. Let's share the road safely!

ma Roadways are not terrain for cycling. Bicycle riding is one thing but the Rickenbacker is not for speed cycling. Not sure how this was ever allowed in the first place but it needs to be addressed asap as lives are at stake. A number of cyclists have already been killed.

richk Single file...we learned that at K.B.Elm. End of story.

aq 3rd and final attempt. Please simply try to deal with the current reality, try to be kind, try be patient and DONT TEXT AND DRIVE

Readers react positive to our story on Isabel del Valle McGuinness and her Share the Boo project

EduardoC Isabel is an angel of a kid...her parents have taught her well.

SoniaK Love this!!!!

CristinaV I am Isabel’s mom, people have been so generous. Thank you to the community. Pictures of what we picked up today.

yesenianr Great idea 👻 🎃 will drop off today

With the second reading on the Village’s $36 million budget set for Tuesday, Sept 24, we revisit reader’s comments to our Sept 11 post and story from the first budget hearing on August 27

JamieT Thank you to those who make this community a better place. Looking forward to when more contribute and help with change.

TheodoreH Thank you for reminding me of where we live JamieT. It’s baffling when the two other negative comments on this post are from part time residents whom I’ve never met or heard of. Where the heck have they been all these years and why haven’t they done anything for the Key if they care so much?

LeaS How about zero based budgeting - you don’t increase the millage to balance the books - how to spend OPM - last year it was SWAT equipment – ughhhhh

BobM Full time “Resiliency Officer”?? You are kidding us right? Please say yes. Yikes

LuisC responding to BobM , I don’t think we have ever met. On my end, I can assure you that I have spent the best part of all my time not in my office during the past 25 or so years, volunteering and trying to make a difference for the Village of Key Biscayne. I don’t believe there is anything more important to our Village today than it’s resiliency and sustainability. Every decision this and other councils going forward will make will have a resiliency or sustainability component. Undergrounding our utilities, updating, redesigning, and developing our storm water infrastructure, dealing with sea level rise, ocean water quality and the enormous increase in dead sargassum on our sea shore, purchasing vehicles and all other depreciable assets, dealing with storms of steadily increasing intensity, on and on and on, every decision should have an environmental scientist or engineer involved.

Sorry you feel the way you do. I hope the great majority of our residents disagree with you.

Have a good day.