Letter to the Editor - Island out of Control

Village of Key Biscayne, Mr. Mayor, Chief Press: This island is out of control. We have no speeding cameras; a mom, lady, wife, friend died out of negligence and lack of speed control. A family is destroyed, with a daughter that will not have her mom for graduation, or ever again!

We have parties every weekend in Virginia Key that impede Key Biscayne residents. (Let them) have their own lane to go in and out!

You put yellow lights for crossings that don’t work, instead of putting red lights, with many c(speeding) ases already reported, endangering children. And you don’t work with Miami-Dade Police Department to ensure our safety in and out! The daughter of the lady involved in the accident tried for three hours to get out of the island to see her mom at the hospital before she died, and no police cared to escort her out!

We have looting in houses and cars! There was a shooting on the bridge because a cyclist was carrying a gun.. Our water is now apparently undrinkable, and our beaches dangerous for humans and fauna!

When are you going to follow examples like in Germany? No more police cars needed nor face recognition, just speed cameras everywhere?!

You need to ACT with a sense of urgency NOW! Enough! #islandparadise? This is too much, You need to get our island back in control to be the paradise of safety and security it used to be, and save other families from going through this again!

I walk at night with cars speeding on Harbor Drive, which a camera and an automatic ticket would solve. Same for the Rickenbacker Causeway and Crandon.

The entire island is in mourning now, and we have to respect that. The passing of our neighbor Paula Raffetti is the final alarm you need. Let her memory be honored by the change she will create on safety for this community.

Thank you.