Letter to the Editor. Trash on KB Beaches

Visitor berates Village for its trash-laden beach

Recently, my wife and I went on vacation in Key Biscayne, to get away from the NYC weather, trash and people.

Key Biscayne was as beautiful as we'd hoped, and the people were relaxed and friendly.

At one point, we went on a jog together on the beach, and what I found was shocking.

There was trash all over your beach. I spent 1.5 hours jogging all around this beach picking up trash every five feet. Plastic bags, random hard plastic, bottles, beer cans, and paper towels. Litter everywhere.

All I could think was how I'd be ashamed if I were a resident of such an obviously wealthy area and couldn't even maintain a relatively small beach, and allowed it to get so trashy. Does an area this rich really have such a problem with paying someone to maintain your beaches? Alternatively: do your residents have no pride in the cleanliness of their beaches?

It was worse than the beaches here in Coney Island, near where I live. Given how rich your area is, that is embarrassing.

I hope you take action to fix this stain,

Max Peck